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    Bad article.
    Giving him mobility steals his identity.
    Every hero is slowly becoming a dawnbreaker clone/Smite God. Simple as.


      I was regularly doing half pulls as a 500 mmr playerseven years ago.

      Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

        Member in Dota1 when Zeus gets approached he'll be likely dead same with Sniper. Now, enemies will likely die before they can approach him with the high burst, global spell and territory control Nimbus. They're not even satisfied, they also added a mobility spell where he can parkour through cliffs and trees.


          "giving him mobility steals his identity"
          nooo dota bros you cant give a hero a new ability that not like his other abilities!!! how dare you make the hero more engaging and viable!!!

          cmon dude


            zoomer idiot, your idea of "engaging and viable" is every hero just being the exact same
            go play smite or LOL


              heavenly jump should be his shard ability tbh


                cry about it friendo

                Abe Froman

                  Agree with big cat - "Giving him mobility steals his identity."

                  Completely fixing a heroes weakness by adding a spell that gives him mobility isn't just power creep. It's taking us to the state of other games where every single hero has a "kit" which includes a nuke, disable, mobility spell, and damage ultimate.


                    I have nothing to add to the conversation other than my opinion that the Heavenly Jump animation looks big stupid.

                    Prince Warhero

                      Forgey Zeus i feel Bristleback is the real OP hero currently.

                      ♥perfectly autistic great...

                        zeus didn't have power spikes outside of lvl 6, aghs timing, and lvl 25. now you hit an extreme power spike at minute 15 every game, even as a support. hero is fine once they either change his shard or push back the shard buying window a bit


                          Take away his heavenly jump. There are heroes that simply should be weak to certain things and strong against other things. We shouldnt give mobility to all heroes.


                            Op, should be nerfed. Mobility on zeus? What a joke dota is becoming