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    Where there's a will, there's a way :)


      Well done! Sometimes you could do better by reducing build complexity

      Rostovsky Rubick

        You can check my builds. I take Top 1 rank on opendota

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          Machado98 #xatubaking

            My favorite hero. So glad it is playable now. But tbh I dont think you can squeeze 110% now. Auras are much better and consistent, but I really miss the days of 1 net + stomp combos for flashy ganks, which is complete dogsh1t now compared to auras. But the ancient shard was very wellcome.


              1 trick Chen here, check out my builds for good ideas

              Hard Times

                Great Heroe

                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                  Damn son you can play Chen and Meepo, why are you still in Archon?
                  Try to get a party of 5 and reach Divine in no time

                  Il Separatio

                    Thanks, KawaiiSocks!

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                      Pawley Lequa

                        useful. I'm able to play some micro but ended up not playing Chen much. main problem is I'm too lazy to learn each tooltip on each creep espicially the jungle strike back patch. Your summarize is simple(r) to digest.

                        Hombre tuca

                          76% winrate in 100 games with chen! :)