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    Берёшь висажа, берёшь луну, венгу и барабаны. Люди плавятся


      Recently commented on Marci's comeback as a pos3.
      Glad that I had a good intuition :D


        New patch came out, enigma eidelons nerfed a bit


          I think Lycan is a bit too strong right now, 57% winrate on divine/immortal confirms that.




              What about Primal beast?

              Nemesis 041

                You also hit the nail on the head for more Marci nerfs. Rebound's higher cooldown makes it a must-max now, because leaving it at level two only makes it a 5-second longer CD.

                Belly Shirt Jenkins Cuck ...

                  Timbersaw please :)

                  Ryo Yamada

                    Where is Mars?

                    smurfs = no balls

                      Timber and Mars are trash wtf are you guys on about


                        Enigma feels really strong, yeah!

                        The Ghoul

                          Ancient scrub here. Enigma is strong indeed, but Beastmaster is still very solid it seems. Undying on position 3 seems to gain more popularity. Then there is Bounty which is definitely a sleeper hero right now.

                          Feel like the pool is not necessarily restricted, it is just different right now. People are looking for the best way to interpret this role right now since the end of the "Razor" meta.