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    Maybe I'll try them :) thanks.


      I think Lina as carry needs to be elaborated further: you are facing a melee offlaner in 80% of time so LSA is not only a nuke and a setup for right click but also a potential cs denier.

      As other unconventional pos1, I think TA and Pudge should be mentioned. TA isnt really viable as mid when she has difficult access to neutrals. Pudge combo is better done with the help of a support

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        Totally agree, pudge 1 is pretty good pick overall and can get enemy up a lot of trouble in the late if you are building tank pudge via 25 talant for flesh heap. Played it not long ago and it was actually pretty easy to dominate in late game using tank build via armor + 2 hearts. With a good control support such as CM, NS, Lion could be really great opportunity to hook hardlines. Worst pick vs pudge 1 would be undying + lion, centaur+ skywrath. Pudge on early game is just easily countered unless pudge has great positioning and great supporting. Its good, and bad at the same time. Id say 70/30 for pudge 1.

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          Id say my "hidden gem" would be three of them. Enigma pos 1. Enigma has a lot of potential both in the late and early game. Play through midas and fast artifacts are guranteed, just the problem that blink will be postponed for a few minutes. Enigma has a lot and a lot of damage, and really any fight will enigma will get to the victory with a great black hole.
          Bounty hunter pos 1. BH is legimately one of the best carries for low mmr. I played him for some time and what i can say with aghanim he can easily kill midders, carries and other types of fish.
          Natures prophet pos 1. Some people on high mmr pick him on pos 1, as time tells he has proven to become a great DPS hero, tower destroyer, and overall fast farming hero. On pos 1 he gets too much farm id say. 20th minute you usually get about 11k networth.
          Thats is :)


            Do one on unconvetional supports too please, like riki & sven

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              Sven support? Im scared of you man. I mean riki is normal, but sven?


                Are u dumb or what? Sven pos 4/5 isnt uncommon

                3/5 gameplay 5/5 attitude

                  Issue with bh pos 1 is he scales very fast with the track kills so as long as the team is playing around feeding him track kills early on its good. Otherwise there is no point farmin through bf bkb since there are better hard carries for that

                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                    omg, the guy with a pumpkin probably just came back to Dota2 recently and bringing his nostalgia from dota1 .__.
                    well, if your pos1 enigma works in Herald rank, "thats is :)"

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                      My friend, enigma with enough artifacts and quick damage team can win 90% of the fights in a game) no idea why it wouldn’t work)

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