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Agent X

    Also interesting to note is that PL can solo Tormentors, at least when I play him in my pubs


      No nyx assassin ?


        Riki can also solo Tormentors: get a couple of hits in from Blink Strike without dying and then finish off with Tricks of the Trade


          I find it funny, how biggest losers of the patch are mostly misunderstood heroes at first, and they usually get 5% of winrate back in a month or so, but biggest winners are always super apparent.


            how about clinkz?

            Player 72074155

              well the best heroes are still in secret heehee

              sea = garbage

                Ye I’m just gonna wait until bugs r patched out before playing again


                  Go penetrate yourself along with your rigged matchmaking system scumbag.

                  Rijkar Alleseno

                    When can we filter stats by patch 7.33?


                      I regularly solo tormentor with riki trick of trade as soon as i get scepter plus level 15 agi increase


                        What they did to Dazzle is criminal


                          They just fixed PL a bit in 7.33b, now he can't take Tormentor solo, as well as he is weaker early


                            No mention of bounty hunter? Hero feels broken!

                            o`hanra hanrahan

                              Cannot wait for them to nerf cancer lancer into the ground. Honestly every other strong hero on the list is fine/some small tweaks here and there. But PL is just stupid. Its nearly impossible to contest or do anything against him because of the map. Not only that but the hero is just annoying to the max to play against in general. Hope it gets nerfed to oblivion. Literally the biggest aids hero in the game.