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    Please Venge: no spell immunity piercing; less HP; less rightclick

    Player 41711774

      You truly say what's on our mind when it comes to Brood


        Part of it is that even being a former leaderboard Immortal player, I am in no position to discuss the hero in-depth. I just don't understand the hero enough to provide meaningful insight. I can read the changelogs well enough, but drawing correct conclusions that are deeper than surface level is not something I can do with Brood. Hence the joke, though it does reflect my general opinion of the hero. She was borderline impossible to deal with in high Divine/low Immortal

        El Dictador

          Being a legend player who does NOT play anything Brood, I can only interpret his fall from the off position and from the change of the map. Brood was always a retarded hero, it's annoying..yeah. He has a lot of mobility? Yeah. He has a lot of push? of course! so? what is his problem?

          That it is only profitable to play it in the area that occupies its cobwebs and today the map is bigger. That means that he covers LESS MAP percentagewise. It is also easier to hunt her because there are many more accesses to the map.

          Finally as off.... have they stayed 3 or 4 minutes pushing a line? while the rest of your team makes plays around the map? You will see the supports with more lvl than you. Regrouping to pull, or taking advantage of a splith push is one thing. The Brood's style of loitering around an area while trying to shoot backfires, and thus almost everyone plays the hero disconnected from the team.


            Brood... you described it very well!

            Rijkar Alleseno

              when are we going to be able to filter out stats by patch 7.33??


                I agree with everything you said about Brood and was thinking the same thing but my god... It was 100% irritating to keep seeing you call Brood a "he". The hero is called BroodMOTHER.

                For crying out loud! This irked me beyond belief 😖😖😖

                o`hanra hanrahan

                  Honestly Dazzle is one my favorite support heros. And i do feel like this isnt the right meta for him. However because of PL and in general illusion heros being pretty popular, and since Tormentors are a thing. If you get a shard you can bassicly just shut illusions down with the right team composition. Then again i only play Crusader/Archon games so in that bracket it doesnt really matter that much but still. I think Dazzle isnt the absolute worst support to pick. Just more of a niche then a meta pick thats for sure.


                    Dazzle is dead as a support

                    Brünk Hüll

                      Dazzle utility carry isn't off the table I'd say. The potential for universal heroes to pick up basically anything they want and revel in their DPS output means there are some really cool ways to utilize the carry items that support Dazzle was previously jealous of. Witch Blade into Glepnir, for instance. Top it off with Skadi because haha, but I'd even entertain Heart. Pike isn't OFF the table, but it does feel like you can get a little more adventurous with your builds.


                        Lol Broodmother

                        Honestly can't complain, Lycan, Huskar and Broom are cancerous enough to be on a weaker side.


                          Why is Huskar a consistent ban in the Major? I saw it on the stats

                          frances maya

                            Oh Broodmother...what a great non-biased analysis from kawaiisocks, very objective as always

                            El Dictador

                              jaja , excuse my english In South America it is "la Brood" but I speak of it as "El hero". my bad

                              One Fourth of a Concubine

                                Excellent summary on Brood.


                                  whoever writes these has no understanding of dota


                                    One of my fav heroes got destroyed. Dazzle is still kind a fun though and still dangerous.