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My ping is higher than my...

    Can someone tell me what packet loss depend on? With my new wifi I normally have 20 ping but pretty often it gets to 300 and even 2000 for a few seconds due to high packet loss. I don't know how to solve it 'cause I don't know what causes it. I live with other people who use internet, but they're hardly ever home and I don't think they download stuff.


      It's usually best to connect using a cable.
      sometimes some background applications do updates or things that screw with ping.

      If It's non of the above consider changing your ISP.


        if the packet is lost, you have to call DHL or whatever delivery you have been using. Normally they provide compensations

        My ping is higher than my...

          ^^I just changed wifi, house, city, country and I'm the last who arrived here. I don't think I can fuck things up for everybody 'cause I lag on a game :D anyway I will check the background apps, thanks guys


            Wifi sucks when playing games. Get an ethernet cable, connect it to the router and voila. Ez no lag.