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    New lifestealer is really strong right now, imo it is probably the best safelaner for grinding solo ranked because it is actually quite versatile and you are strong at pretty much every stage of the game.

    The hero is strong against pretty much every single strength offlaner due to the reworked feast, with rage as well there are very few lanes that will give you trouble. Try to make sure that your team has at least one blink hero that you can infest for easy teamfights as well, although it isn't mandatory it makes the game much easier. Carry wise the hardest matchups are probably ursa and razor, however you outscale these heroes and if you can make it past midgame you will generally crush them lategame.

    Start items: stout two tango two branch. Skill build wise I almost always max feast ASAP, with max feast you can sustain against almost any lane and if they come to last hit you can just whack them on the head a few times until they run out of hp. Level 2 feast is generally the point where most heroes can't really trade with you. Get rage or open wounds at level 2 depending on the lane and your kill potential vs their kill potential on you. Once you hit level 3 feast you can generally force most strength offlaners out of the lane as they won't be able to match your sustain and trading potential. Max rage next and open wounds last.

    Once you get infest just spam it on big camps, you want to rush midas ASAP and you generally will just sit in your safelane for the first 15 minutes of the game farming. Midas should be your first item, I generally only pick up small items before it (boots, stick or oov), and sometimes even skip those if the lane is easy. Ideally you want to ferry the recipe out first then buy the glove from the sideshop but if you need to trade a lot just go glove first. I cannot stress this enough, NEVER SKIP MIDAS, the hero is trash without it.

    After midas phase boots always, then the choice is between rad build and deso ac build. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, deso ac is more bursty and shreds buildings whereas rad build is harder to kite and favours longer fights. Rad build is better vs image heroes such as tb, naga, pl and vs heroes you can't manfight like ursa or troll, deso ac is better vs heroes you need to blow up ASAP or ones that can't fight you head on such as razor, jugg and weaver. Also if you have no jump heroes to infest rad build tends to be better. If you are unsure just go deso ac, it's never really wrong unless you're vs tb or pl.

    Talents go attack speed always, usually ms next but damage is fine if you have a slardar/cent/axe and you are certain you won't be kited too hard. 20% evasion and 2 second rage are also no brainers.

    Late game items for rad build are usually sny or halberd -> (manta) -> ac -> mjoll/mkb/daed.

    Late game items for deso build is usually (sny) -> ac -> (basher) -> daedalus.

    In teamfights play around your rage, don't get baited into chasing too hard when rage is near ending. Ideally you blow up someone to start with an infest bomb but if you can't achieve that try to stay near your supports as you often have trouble with kiting. You are also good at turning on people even with very low hp with open wounds + feast so don't be afraid to manfight.


      you have inspired me to spam LS, thanks, sir!


        max feast

        for what
        and what's the point of att speed talent with radi build

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          Sir top 100, when to go rad build or physical build?


            Ye the hero does feel shit without midas

            Venom of the Red Lotus

              what even is "new lifestealer"? its the same hero. he just doesnt get fucked in the lane anymore.

              Steal role = LC jungle

                What is Manta for? Dispels only? Also, how long do you wait to pick LS?

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                  Yeah manta is pretty much only for dispels.

                  I usually pick it after the offlane is revealed. You don’t really need lastpick most of the time, leave that for your mid.

                  Steal role = LC jungle

                    What off laner would you not pick LS into?

                    نجمة دوتة

                      It’s just better for them to pick a crushable offlaner than to play against DS every game


                        never played this hero

                        Marko Bulat

                          Strong laner, shit farmer, gets fucking destroyed by Ursa that is turned into a Ferrari now, literally unkitable, midas on heroes without CD reduction talent is very dodgy for me.


                            what offlane does ls ahte? tusk+ursa?


                              Best supports to work with ls? This is more relevant to me than actually playing the hero lol.

                              Biggus Dickus

                                How to earn this "very high skill"? Everytime i play i just got normal


                                  razor off probably fucks with the hero

                                  Jack Attack

                                    Crystal maiden seems to pair with him just fine.

                                    the better spidey

                                      Don’t you go Armlet in the Deso build?


                                        Yeah go armlet for sure with deso. Attack speed talent for farm rate and rad build is lacking in attack speed anyway.

                                        Unpleasant offlanes are stuff like prophet, wr, ds, Weaver, fortunately most of those are pretty rare.

                                        Support wise any ranged support with a slow or stun. Also lineups like silencer+slardar+naix are strong as fuck because you global over the infest bomb which is almost always a free kill.


                                          idk played today vs ds was alone in my lane most of the time and it didn't feel that bad when u max ur w tbh, but the rest yea these are super annoying.


                                            thanks sir!


                                              Prophet,DS is not rare though. Ds fucks him up pretty bad throughout the game.


                                                Great Article Bro

                                                Steal role = LC jungle

                                                  @Tribune of the Plebs, I only asked so I could counter you. Mohahahahahaha.


                                                    I actually haven't played vs a ds since the feast rework, I just know it used to be really hard. Probably is much easier since the feast rework, would need to play a game to confirm.

                                                    Gym 5 days, Rest 2 days

                                                      Haven't played the lifestealer/bloodseeker match up very much but the few times I played it lifestealer is never a target that you want to go on. He just literally stands there, rages before bloodrite hits, open wounds if bloodseeker gets close and hits at full power from the start. Oh and thats assuming he hasn't already infested a black dragon and is running around in a 2000hp fireball spewing car with radiance burn at level 12 while you've got 1200hp and nothing other than an ultimate which does nothing but make him stand still for 10 seconds and just die if you actually try to attack since he right clicks and steals health at full power from the start while bloodseeker needs the lifestealer to be at least 75% before he even gets a shred of attack speed and doesn't heal unless he kills the lifestealer. Totally fair.

                                                      Marko Bulat

                                                        Bloodseeker is very onedimensional and very boring hero to play, only thing that was fun is when you played him with "bloodrage + dagon 5 xd" build, can you explain why do you have a such a hardon for that shit hero?


                                                          Love these posts, please do more CNP


                                                            in scissors we trust


                                                              lifestealer with radiance is fucking strong right now

                                                              Gym 5 days, Rest 2 days

                                                                Oh wait sorry ok feast deals +4% of their max hp as damage to an enemy on top of his right click damage on top of healing him by that amount, so an enemy loses 4% of their hp and heals him by 4% if their max hp with each hit while also having a free 6-8 second bkb with a 10-8 second cooldown.

                                                                And he can either run around in a 2000+hp ancient or an allied hero with a free blink dagger to initiate.

                                                                Fox News level fair and balanced right there.


                                                                  Feast is reduced by armour bro. Still pretty good hero.


                                                                    OP i was just browsing LS and I saw one of your games in the guide section - pretty cool thanks for the info!!!


                                                                      What hero do you not want to see when you are picking ls into, especially offlane?


                                                                        Maybe ds,razor,ursa even necro or mirana.


                                                                          That game I went apeshit too, 4v5 because my grimstoke abandoned for no reason but I can't be stopped.

                                                                          Hero wise idgaf about 95% of offlaners, doom seems hard, otherwise if it's a melee strength hero they are in the bin. Ursa, razor, morph, tb, pa tend to be the stronger carry counters.


                                                                            Thanks for the inspiration


                                                                              ^^Tribune of the Plebs

                                                                              Though Feast is reduced by armor, that is only for the damage portion. It will always heal for 4%(5%) of the target's max HP.


                                                                                thx dude, gonna spam the 4th highest winrate hero according to this now :)

                                                                                Marko Bulat

                                                                                  ^He is one of the most successful heroes, its not according to this, its the fact!

                                                                                  932 picks 538 won (58% winrate)


                                                                                    I'm gonna explode.


                                                                                      Hi gonna explode.



                                                                                        Von Darkmoor

                                                                                          Midas instead of armlett, lol

                                                                                          Gtfo rice boi


                                                                                            don't know about high mmr matches but here in 2k had 2 matches when i was 1 vs 1 with time with ck and the other one with dk.
                                                                                            he can't deal with high armor of dk early game and ck can manfight him with his new crit.

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                                                                                            Marko Bulat

                                                                                              Armlet is nerfed and its shit you literally make it on 3 heroes now. Useless garbage, gl farming on naix without midas.


                                                                                                my man cnp already 7k? going pro soon for sure


                                                                                                  Feach the tagteam spell deals 0 damage to magic immune targets even if it's physical.


                                                                                                    op is right it seems. 100% wr on lifestealer so far

                                                                                                    the better spidey

                                                                                                      Is there any reason to be running around on an ancient creep (say to push or teamfight) or is it a waste of time?


                                                                                                        the rooting ancient seems really gud to infest tho