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Need some advice with np in General Discussion

    I'm trying to spam np ( on a 4 winning streak) and want to see if you guys have any suggestions/thoughts


      Dont ever build aghs it just turns your enemy creeps into allied creeps that your enemy can farm. The +4 tree talent plus the 25% CDR is way more than enough trees already. You also seem to buy maelstrom every game, that item is okay but only when you already have another attack speed item first to amplify it (such as a Midas + treads or Orchid + treads). Desolator is an amazing item for NP so you can shred towers faster, same with Assault Cuirass. Reconsider your builds to be more efficient.

      Your KDR is very low, you should spend a bit more time farming and less time man fighting if you are spending this much time dead. You are worth much more to your team farmed with 2-3 big items than you are being cannon fodder in the lane.


        silence, hex, and other utility items are a must on him. on herald tho u can go shadow blade on every game because its op there :)


          Watch Admiral Bulldog's youtube videos, there is a reason he is still considered one of the best NP players in the world. Also, watch MindControl in TI7, he is another top NP player.

          I am a terrible NP player so I can't really advise anymore, what I would say though is think about your item build every game, NP is such a versatile hero so his item build should be different from game to game.

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            Np is not a hero


              most situations you dont want the tree talent you want 10 armour. split pushing is a tool to take uneven fights in your favour by forcing the enemy back so that you have a numbers advantage, so don't just go for maelstrom + aghs and ignore your team when you can get items that can help your team win fights. e.g. vlads, orchid, hex, solar crest

              dont go deso + ac just to try and push buildings faster. neither of these items are so "amazing" that you need to prioritise them most games. check the guides page or go to the watch tab in-game, majority of people get items that help their team through auras/utility, or items that help get pickoffs which then let you take objectives because the enemy is dead. ac is gotten in a few cases because it's a teamfight aura not so that you can split push faster.

              also try out phase boots some time. treads are good but there are times when phase are better. if gotten early especially if the enemy doesnt get boots or is someone who is easily kited (most carries get a few early stat items before boots) you can win lanes pretty hard by wearing them down with the extra harass plus the 6 armour helps if they do trade hits.

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                On the first money buy boots + 1 pack of tango, that's better than anything else in the pub. Then, rush phase boots before everything, including nulls. By doing this, you will have enough move speed and high armor, you should use this to pressure enemy with hits and treants, you will be stronger than almost every hero. Then, make 2-3 nulls. After this, builds are optional depending on the game. You should just try by yourself.
                However, basically, there are 3 natures(Excluding aghas nature).

                Auras nature: vlads(+ or /) drums, pipe/cuirass/crimson - after these you go into the late game (if you haven't finished already): bkb/hex/nullifier/orchid/blink/silver etc.

                'Fighting nature': orchid + blink/sb + hex/nullifier + bkb + cuirass - you may also buy maelstrom/solarCrest before or right after orchid.

                Finally, the Greedy Nature (in most games I am playing this style, however, I usually start from the jungle or leave offlane early even if I haven't pushed t1. This playstyle is not really efficient but it is most comfortable for me and since it's working until 4k-5k (NA). The build is the following: PT (more often than phases), Midas, maelstrom, orchid, blink, nullifier/hex, mjollnir. 5th and 6th slot (without boots) is usually bkb/cuirass/butterfly/pike/silver(with blink). Basically, you with no cd Teleport and blink you can catch and kill anyone on the map. It's quite fun tho. But you should understand that sometimes this build is 100% lose and you shouldn't go for it.

                If you go jungle start with blight stone and 3 mantles of intelligence (you will get money for 3rd after runes). You will need 1 clarity for the jungle, 1 is more than enough. at -0:50 spawn treants and help your team with runes. Then, spawn next at about 0:25 and go into the jungle, you will have 4 treants at 1:00. Also, even in the jungle, you should get runes at 5:00. Not rarely, you will be able to get all 4 by using second skill and native teleport, the lower the MMR is the higher the chance. Always look on the map, in the jungle you should be able to look at it constantly, and help your team. It's not necessarily to max treants, 3 points are enough.

                Sometimes, you need ward by yourself, because np can do it better than most heroes, buy smoke and 3 wards and ward. If enemies have melee carry/carries you can plant your 1 skill around tower/raxes/throne and they won't be able to hit it.
                You should creepskip when enemies are pushing you. It's safer to kill the pack that is closer to their raxes, it should be near t2 at about 10/40 seconds.
                Also, t1 don't have a backdoor, if enemies don't have tp or pushing you or taking Roshan you can tp with 2 skill to tower spawn treants, order them to hit the tower and tp with native tp back to your team.
                After lane(jungle) phase you shouldn't farm jungle that is closer to your base, carry/mid should, you can farm lanes and the outer/enemy jungle because while it's dangerous it's easier for you to escape and your death is a little bit less important.

                P.S. If you are going fighting or greedy nature you should take damage talent, armor talent, attack speed talent, and tp cooldown talent.

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