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    what do u guys think are the strongest in 7.22c in position 4? Nyx (and rhasta) ofc very strong still, grim can be played as 4 and es and sk work well too but besides them I dont really see any OP heroes for this position.


      earth spirit is always the best


        Chen, Es, and Io are all OP because of the endless skill ceiling. Grim is pretty strong as well. If your team lacks cc, you have to go for Treant, Slardar or shaker.

        I had 60% win rate with Chen when he had 40% overall winrate. Now he has 50% overall win rate. Last nerf made him less noob friendly, but the dmg is moved to to creeps and value is doubled. It means that on lvl 5 you are able to solo enemy core unless its DK or something elusive.

        Lvl 1 creep from the small camp has lightning dealing 140 dmg. You can just send him mid and use it for a couple of times on enemy midlaner and its pretty much almost gg already. Your midlaner has free lane.

        On lvl 5 you get mudgolem, centaur and Satyr or Tomato and you are able to solo kill almost anyone.

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          man slardar is shit pos4 ever since his stun was nerfed, its only 1sec now


            and io trash in lane now after spirits dont slow anymore, i aint playing him/her/it no more


              Slardar bad ? :D

              It gives slow afterwards for 3 secs. Its better than Brewmasters Clap what u talking abut ? Besides after rework you max passive since its 100% guaranteed another stun for 1 sec.

              Before gank you stack 3 times on neutrals. You rightclick enemy, hit once again while bashed, then you stun and you can stack on him again because of the slow and bash him for another second and additional dmg. Its 3 sec stun and 3 sec slow on lvl 2. You gotta know your combo right ? Before that Slardar had 2 sec stun and RNG bash. Was that better ?

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                Slardar is better played as a 3 imo
                Treant pos 4 looks decent played a few games with him his q now is insane


                  I so agree with Lex first post i would sigh that.

                  Chen, es and io and right after grimstroke, heroes strong in any meta worth to learn, grim in my eyes is a new super strong hero which require a lot of practice, but more practice you got the better and more useful you become.

                  I would probably recommend that grim as i lately having match ups vs him and hes very strong.

                  But remember these are not lion or ss where positioning and spell chaining is all you can learn.

                  So if you suck 10 games in row its not your team fault, you just need practice them a lot.

                  Just give you example how much you can legit suck, my winrate on wisp after 200games was about 38% (different acc)

                  I was super bad, blue stars been telling me here im retarded to play wisp down there, but even I was this low winrate still I knew its possible.

                  Now im that same 2k shitter (close to 3k) but i having absolutely blast any time i can play dota,couse i know noone else can play this hero in my bracket, im confident, i tell ppl what to pick and we win amazing friendly game.

                  Wisp is spirit of team, wisp is love, this next level support really let me express myself. (notail TI8)


                    i actually did enjoy playing some wisp before the latest nerf but after that i dont really feel like it, i just really liked the spirit slow thing and now its gone and u have to be 100% dependent on other players, which im not able to do.

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                      @lex yea what tribo said, slardar is actually realyl strong but his potential is best fullfilled as 3, not roamer. Other heroes u guys mentioned treant, chen and es yea seem to be strong but I dont really enjoy playing any of those :(


                        You can play whatever you like on pos 4. Even Ck, Wk, Sven.

                        If you are looking for a fun pos 4 to play with decent impact I would go for Kunkka. But make sure to ban juggernaut then.

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