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General Discussionany qop spammers?

any qop spammers? in General Discussion

    my wr on qop is absolute dogshit, please heklp


      qop is a shit hero in general.

      she's that hero that you win the early-mid games with and then you die and feed all ur gold


        yeah but i just get demolished everytime it doesnt feel gud man :(


          dont die


            Bad hero atm, dont play her

            Evil Feachairu(3)

              Kyle do you use PLDShit as your internet connection, my god its been unplayable for days


                yeah i use pldtshit, alot of my friends experience that packetloss aswell for 2 weeks now. lost 700 party mmr bnecause of it hahahaha! 700 and counting!


                  die less


                    win lane scale like a boss

                    Take my whores to the hot...

                      Qop and Lina is basicly doing the same thing, dominating early-mid game then starting to fall off when people get their bkbs etc.
                      You need to end the game before that or you're going to struggle.
                      Itemization is the key and always try to participate in every winnable engagement.


                        lina is a splitpusher and catch+burst, qop is a tank which aims to get lvl 25


                          thats funny cuz i cvant play lina for shit because dat attack animation is bonkers


                            Watch my last game it’s ur bracket


                              As other people said, she's kinda bad right now. But you can do stuff to make her a little bit better.

                              Generally, I'm against the typical Treads+Orchid+BKB build, simple because it gets countered easily by a lot of items and really, that's not what the hero is supposed to do. QoP is not a pickoff/right-click hero, she's an AoE Nuke hero. I play her like that and I have a 54.33% win rate, which isn't too great but not too bad either.


                              1. Focus on not dying. An early Eul's works wonders on that. Don't worry about your damage too much, you have decent spell damage with 2 nulls. Even if you decide to go the traditional Orchid build, I still think Eul's is a must like 90% of the time, unless you're snowballing way too hard.

                              2. Be careful of your skill build. It can change your game completely. If you can completely crash the opponent mid, you can get 3 points in Shadow Strike early. If you're facing something like a Viper or a Puck, don't get it at all. Focus on getting lasthits and farming with Scream and try for kills at level 6. You don't need to get the first talent at level 10, it's better to max out your Blink first. The cooldown reduction talent is 99% of the time better than the attack speed. Again, you're a nuker, not a right-clicker.

                              3. The point where the hero actually becomes powerful is at level 25 where you can get the Fear talent. If you pair it with Octarine and the CD reduction talent, she can be close to being broken. Personally I get Boots of Travel (sometimes even first item) simply because they allow me to keep farming and getting solo EXP while having another teleport to join the fights. If you play your cards right, you can get a fast level 25.

                              See this for an example :

                              As you can see, this would normally be a hard QoP game since the enemy team has pretty solid lockdown and burst, however with this build I barely died and so managed to stayed on top of the GPM/XPM chart, and even had more damage than the Radiance Spectre.

                              And before you think the obvious "obviously SF fed you at mid", I have to say that A) he was a Divine 3-4 player and by no means bad and B) if I went the typical Orchid build I would have died a LOT of times against their lineup, even after winning mid lane.


                                QOP IS NOT BAD AT ALL WTF

                                SO TRUE KEKW

                                  if QOP is bad then why she has 54% winrate and picked 31 times at TI qual ? hmm i am thinking so hard rn