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General DiscussionI was trolling new account as Nature's Prophet .

I was trolling new account as Nature's Prophet . in General Discussion
brain rest

    I got queued with this guy playing as juggernaut opponent 2 times a row and we both have new accounts.

    What do you think is the result of this juggernaut account in future games?

    Match 5241246558
    Match 5241212099

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      next lvl bait
      jesus :))

      both accounts have only 2 games :))
      this is just sad, did u tried matching 2 accounts against each other and feeding it to get higher rank? are you < 14?


        pretty sure it wouldnt matter, who cares lol

        brain rest

          Oh ok im just curious, cus i got bored and just bumped to this situation lol

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            Rofl what an absolute degenerate. This jugg clearly listed their account as "new to MOBAs/DotA," then proceeds to straight up fountain camp literal noobs and score 100+ kills.

            Ofc then by game 3 matchmaking has caught onto their shenanigans and places them vs other smurfs at High Skill, in which he promptly gets absolutely bitch slapped until they drop back down to Normal Skill games.

            I'm imagining some high school athlete who can't compete with their peers who then joins Little League games just to stomp and feel better about themselves. Utterly pathetic, players like this make the game worse for everyone.

            parmaviolets [muted]

              Fucking tie a noose around your neck and hang yourself scumbag

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                Im pretty sure new games are bot games. The people have like 3 games played and all three heroes played are automatically listed as fewtured heroes on profile page


                  i agree with @palm of ilets