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    I'm not much into this system but everytime I go party with my friends enemy team has at least one-two party and they play really better comparing to their rank. about %90 of party games enemy team has at least one smurf account in party
    seems like everyone use their smurf acc for ranked parties! you having same experience about this?

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      Thats how they feel when a booster using ur acc before.


        Seems like ur booster is from sea. Who is he? Feachairu?


          hahahahaha boosted acc complaining about other smurfs... maybe they are not smurfs, its just that u don't belong in that rank.


            boosted dog complaining about smurf :)))

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              party queue is the best thing abt dota xd


                it was i poggies


                  POG POG


                    first of all I don't care mmr. when I took a break for 1 week I found a friend here who was lookin for boostin low mmr accounts and I was crusader I now I'm crusader III not much changed but now I consider what u say is true.. nothing can fuck this game as much as smurfing and boosting. (dota2 isn't even my main game)
                    the thing interesting is that I'm not playin with this acc for now and you all judged me without lookin for partys in my match details
                    I played for about 10 days I guess with a new acc to party with my friends(I'm not that pro so I won't call myself smurf) and in %90 of games enemy team had smurf carry who itemized really fast

                    *the reason: Imo dota drafts like if you are 2 in party with ranks: crusader 3 -Herald 4 then there is a high potential that enemy team will be like: Crusader 2 -Crusader 2 it will detect the ones who have different rank near the upper one's rank

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                    A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                      Simply put, you are a noob


                        He is a noob but its true about smurfs in parties.


                          wait wat im not even boosting wat u ppl talking wat the heck

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                            Its true, Valve in their infinite wisdom prevents immortal players to play with their friends, i used this smurf to play with friends before i munched a ban, now i have to buy another legend account for 10$ if they decide to play again, otherwise we cant play.