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Fuck Speed some more in General Discussion

    So after losing some of my brain cells the other day with a couple of Troll (Warlords), I once again have the displeasure of seeing another retarded Speedster in my game.

    Faceless Void bought a Hood as first item. Why? Because of this video.

    The FV said he did so because the enemies did magical damage. I sincerely disagree. The enemy team had a balanced mix between magical and physical damage. Our Beastmaster even bought a Pipe.

    Obviously, the FV had no game impact until he got properly farmed, which took a while because he bought a Hood first instead of MoM or Maelstrom. The enemy let him afk farm because they were too busy destroying our Huskar.

    So there you go, our boi Speed. I pray that you die painfully and many worms will feed upon your putrid corpse.

    Ова тема је измењена

      i gave a fucking 6k mmr spectre in your region a free lane and he bought a fucking battle fury
      i didnt know it was speed fault tha your region is garbage, now i know


        ahh crybabies on dotabuff forums, nothing is better entertainment than this :)


          I am currently very sad.. Is this the thread for me?


            Drink my tears all you want. I need people to be aware that they can't copy professional strategies even in Devine - Immortal games. There is little to no communication between teammates in pubs, whereas there is extensively in professional tournaments.


              shut the fuck up animal
              u are just low iq


                ur right speed is ruining ur games


                delusion is real

                flourishing new leaf

                  It's not that bad. He can always backtrack all the isntant damage cause he's not dying. It's definitely better than a madness or maelstrom in any case. What's he gonna do? Jump in and die? Afk woods? You should be commending that guy because he actually won you the game. He even got sny. He's the frontliner your HUSKAR required to highground.


                    If there was one hero I would imagine as sad it would be Silencer.