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General DiscussionHow some new players get VHS first match?WTF

How some new players get VHS first match?WTF in General Discussion

    How smurf created new account and get VHS in new account?I will give u CC set if I get correct answer from the one.Anyone could you please answer how did u get ur smurf new account VHS first match?


      4k mmr or so was for vhs. GOing up gets worse.


        No man I am telling about how smurf can get VHS first match in new account.It is weird.


          congratulations urs is the post number 1000 about very high skill and new accounts


            @Bambooni were you that toxic beast master on my venge game xdd i reported you


              @IDK you can only get VHS first game if your main account is Ancient rank (4k MMR) or higher.

              You are Guardian rank so you cannot get VHS xD


                @-300 Haha u thought that this is my bracket.I have other account VHS level.I just weird how some smurf can get VHS creating new account first match.How to connect I have immortal acc also man?


                  @Mr.Zaw I think ur myanmar guy.Yes it might be 1000 post I still not clear about it.If u have any idea u can share.I can give u free CC set if u answer me correct answer 100 percent sure.


                    probably i am. You can always check profile pictures. And i got 9k beh score up now.


                      @Bambioni can u add me to get clear answer?


                        With dota plus features its possible


                          answer the question when u 1st enter on ur newly fresh account with "i've played dota 2 before", then ur 1st match will be random, it can be ns, hs, or vhs depend on other players

                          down syndrom

                            cuz we are pro my friend


                              Literally the only thing you need to do is to play well.

                              All these posts are so useless. Just. Dont. Be. Shit.


                                has main immortal account and has 49% winrate in guardian hahaha anyone is immortal by commenting here. I should be mega immortal then