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    I just have a couple of years since I've start playing dota back on 2019 I wasn't that active as I 'm right now but I still don't see the light , any advices to get out from this hell?


      Well, I just have a decade since I've start playing dota back in dota 1 day. :laugh: I wasn't that active as I 'm right now but I still don't see the light. And I'm still stuck in Ancient and Divine. :laugh: Hey you still have at least 8 year to go for Ancient or Divine if you are me :lick:


        My advice after climbing from 700mmr to ancient is to limit your hero pool to a few heroes that you feel comfortable playing. Also, watch guides for new players on youtube which talk about positioning, lane mechanics, and warding.


          I have not gotten far, but find a hero you generally do well on and try to pick it as much as possible and pick a position to focus on... So you should have 2-3 heroes for a specific position and try to pick one of those and you will generally go up in MMR. At least somewhat. Just remember, that even if you do spam a hero that you are "best at", you won't win every game and remember that the game is trying to force you to 50% win rate. So if you get that 10 game win streak, things are going to get bad and it is just the game throwing you into the deep end and just making you team up with monkeys against multiple smurf accounts...

          About 40% of the games are games where your side will be stomping the enemy and 40% of the games will be games where you will be stomped. And the middle 20% is the part where you are making the difference...

          So pick a position, pick & find a couple of heroes you generally do well in the role. Pick one of those heroes for pretty much every game. You will learn the matchups and capabilities of the heroes you have in your pool and when to pick them. This is a learning curve... You may even lose MMR when you start this, but eventually you will learn what hero works best with your lane mates and team mates and against what heroes your heroes work and against what you shouldn't pick these heroes. You will eventually raise up in MMR. Hopefully you get higher than where I am at... I should be more hard core about following these rules myself. But it is a proven way of getting you to move up in MMR. There are no shortcuts...


            Gimme, I make u ancient or divine


              Just quit this shit game while you can lol

              Dont expect a lot of help from this forum 99% of the players here are smurfs and account buyers anyway

              Unhappy Camper

                I'm willing to coach you if you're interested. Been playing since Dota 1 days and have taught my entire friend group from high school how to play.

                Sir Johan

                  Watch TI and learn from the best. Take notes and improve slowly.

                  As a support pay special attention to:
                  Warding, ganking with smokes, pulling, stacking, harass in lane and playing around the team (usually behind the team)

                  As a core pay special attention to:
                  Farming, pushing, getting kills in lane, killing Roshan and taking fights that look favorable

                  Shogun's Decapitator

                    All these fools are telling you the LONG way to rank up. People nowadays have much much faster ways to get out of Herald. Here is the step by step guide.

                    1. Convince yourself you are better than the other Heralds. This is relatively easy but if you are having trouble with this step the best place to start is by blaming your team constantly and never evaluate your own gameplay.

                    2. Ask yourself what rank you truly deserve. Only you know this for sure. Don't trust those pesky calibrations... remember MMR is just a number!

                    3. Buy an account at the MMR you KNOW you deserve.

                    4. Enjoy no longer being a Herald... for a few weeks.

                    5. If you find yourself in Herald again repeat this process.


                      You have to farm 250 CS and do a lot of tower and hero damage. Then the noobs have a chance of coming online 1hr+ into the game timer.

                      Here's an example:

                      For 4 years+ until last night, I'd rip my hair out, rage, complain, etc. This time I did the only option left short of that, which was to side push another lane while my teammates kept dying one by one with brain less initiations....and it kept forcing them to break up and TP back to their base, away from my own.

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                        Bro just open custom lobby with no bots, practice cs till you can get 50lh and deny with no items in safelane in first 10min. Do this till you can get it done consecutively 5times. Then ingame you will shit on them in lane. More gold= more chances to win. Im not a pro but stuff like this helped me get out of 1k.


                          We belong in herald a true player who deserves more than herald can win 1v9 games getting more than 20kills and 12k tower damage.

                          I started to destroy kids recently but Im still not worthy to get out of herald so valve will plant bots in my team and pubstompers in enemy team to test my skill.

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                            Honestly its all about knowing your role and playing well to that role imo. You play certain heroes, you learn how to play that hero in certain matchups and you play objectively and do what is right and stop getting baited by your teammates who only have bad ideas.


                              keep trying hard my bro


                                just win games


                                  Play pos5 np. Midas, shard, agha wins games on your bracket.

                                  zoi | hoodi

                                    Whatever you do, stay away from Invisalign, it dramatically damaged the upward trajectory of Danny Glover's career.


                                      I won the nastiest game in herald



                                        ^That is rather gross. Vomitted my big mac looking. Thanks u

                                        Willow's OldAcc

                                          Visit gamerzclass. Khezu explains what you need to do to get out of herald and the video is free.

                                          You literally just need to last hit well

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                                            CSGO copypasta
                                            This player is fantastic, just needs to work on communication, aim, map awareness, crosshair placement, econ management, pistol aim, awp flix, grenade spots, smoke spots, pop flashes, positioning, bomb plant positions, retakes, bunny hopping, spray control and getting kills

                                            Transposed to Dota:
                                            This player is fantastic, just needs to work on communication, last hitting, objective taking, map awareness, positioning, econ management, ability usage, farming patterns, HP and mana management, smoke plays, ward placement, teamfight target prioritization , highground defense, teamwork, lane control and getting wins

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                                            Tears in Herald

                                              You have to basically outplay everyone in the game. Drafting, balancing the lanes, rotation, itemisation, warding, initiating, ganking, supporting. Remember you will need to be a pos 1,2, 3, 4 & 5 at any point in game depending on the game flow and generally you would end up being the MVP if you execute these roles well and win. Try to choose heroes that can flexibly interchange roles in game like Mirana, VS, ES, etc.

                                              Here's my recent herald match where I basically played different pos throughout the game depending on the game flow:

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                                                @Tears in herald you play normal not ranked

                                                Tears in Herald

                                                  @Slayer I was trying to convey the concept of 1 vs 9 in every game. Doesn't matter whether its ranked or normal. As heralds we have to constantly improve ourselves to the level of a TI player vs 9 players in every game. Of course, luck plays a part and sometime we are matched with good partners as well. Remember the only person we can control in the game is ourselves and we have to keep challenging and improving ourselves in order to increase the win rate.


                                                    I get from guardian 1 to crusader ,just last if u are carry , just last hit,if u are sup buy force glimer,wards ,stack if possible ,your enemy support won't do these things(if that animal is not a smurf) you get out of this rank ,no need to learn gank or these things in low rank just learn to last hit or protect your carry.

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