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    Can any Rubick spammer or good Rubick player share tips on how to consistently win with this hero? What is the best skill build? Does he actually work as pos 5?
    He's fun af to play, second most played hero, but despite making "wOOoOw" plays when I pick him I'm not able to turn him into a reliable one considering the poor 47% winrate.
    He's prolly unreliable by nature and a situational pick by default, usually gets picked early and enemies tend to avoid choosing big ult heroes vs him while preferring physical dmg heavy counter picks like PA, Bristleback etc.
    Despite this I see some people having good winrates on him and would like any advice on how to improve.

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      Just doesnt have much impact unless the other team has big team fight ults. Other pos 5s have way more too offer in lane

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        he is not pos5, he is pos4

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          steal kills with fade bolt