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tips for gaining mmr welcome! in General Discussion

    Hi, this is a topic about gaining mmr in dota 2. Any tip is welcome for me and everyone else. From my highest to lowest 5180 to 3580 now 3880 these are my top tips for gaining mmr:

    1. The most important one is being positive in your matches. I know i ask much, but being positive and not spreading negative thoughts increases the chances of winning 99% of the time. And remember if your team is flaming there's higher chance of the enemy to flame it. And just because you've bad game doesn't means all your team mates should feel bad cuz 1 person sucks.
    2. As much as i dislike this focus yourself on 2,3 heroes and spam these heroes. It doesn't matter which type or if you want the best heroes follow the meta and play with them. By spamming less heroes you'll learn their item timings and when this hero is stronger and you'll be able to abuse it all the time. If its banned you're "screwed". (but this depends if you can play only 3 heroes or not for myself i can play any offlane hero so it doesn't matter which is banned).
    3. If you're having a bad day in REAL life (outside dota 2, yes people live outside the gaming world) don't play dota 2 (i dont follow this) since your chances of losing increases and being toxic as well. I say increases not you'll be at 100% this.
    4. Remember this is only a game. Just because we all want to be pro's not everyone is up for it. For myself i didnt make it, but just because i didnt couldnt mean you cant be, but just because you are focusing on being pro doesn't mean you'll have to be toxic.

    Having conduct summary high definitely improves your dota 2 match making, but i no longer care about it since i find games better around 7-9k beh score than being in 10k conduct.

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      do you have any suggestion on farming priority?
      i heard alot of that but dont really know how to proper playing around it....


        i've no idea about farming. I just give tips for the usual stuff that happens to me to lose mmr. For myself it all comes to mentality the rest just works out somehow.


          yeah if u had the mentality u would be a pro player playing in TI


            i actually would be

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              I agree with 1. 2 is generally right but I feel like there are so many viable hero’s in this meta that picking based on the game is somewhat more important.

              Edit: unless you wanna spam primal beast. Then you’ll win every game.

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                as for farming priorities it all comes down to what part of the map is free. For example if ure carry it can be the offlane, mid, safe lane or even the enemy triangle or jungle. It all depends on what part is free @mai tho phuc co. Some times going in the jungle like 5-6 min is better than staying in lane and so on




                    On the farming priority thing, the lane creeps is the most efficient way of gathering resources apart from going on a hero killing spree. But if your job is to farm, lane creeps is the way to go. Some mobile heroes can do really well with the Jungle too, but in general lane creeps should be top priority. As with everything, this is not so black and white though. When you go hit lane creeps, you are also visible on the map and the enemy team knows where you are, even if they don't have any wards. So if you just sit on the lane and hit the lane creeps, you will eventually be ganked especially if no one else is showing on the map. So, if you plan on hitting a lot of the lane creeps, you need to have an escape plan too...

                    The best slot 1 farming path is hitting lane creeps and pushing the lane into the enemy tower. Then go hit a neutral creep camp or two and wait for the lane to push back to your tower and go hit lane creeps and push up the lane again. Rinse and repeat. And even as the prio 1 farmer, you should keep an eye on what your team is doing, there might be some easy kills available if there is a team fight. Depending on your hero of course, some heroes can get in and get the few easy ones than others and get out...

                    And as slot 1, you should build at least one item for farming purposes, like a maelstrom or battlefury or something that enables you to run through as many camps as you can while the creep wave is pushed up. The faster you push the lane the less time you are visible on the map the less time the enemy has to plan your gank. And of course wards can be a life saver too. If your supports are busy elsewhere, you can place a ward down yourself from time to time... It costs all of 0 gold.


                      Be good at the game


                        nowadays mmr is so inflated, u dont actuallly need to be good to get high mmr

                        party players)

                          spam meta heroes and be terrible


                            so true
                            be terrible and spam meta heroes

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                                Quit the game and be terrible

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                                  mf divine rank after 8k game and tryna give tips

                                  back in fucking herald^

                                    nowadays mmr is so inflated, u dont actuallly need to be bad to get low mmr


                                      Do you think Bat / Puck as Support good in this meta?


                                        primal beast support or tiny carry its ez games


                                          I will apply those tips



                                            behringer -> Suntec Arena

                                              well, there are a lot of videos on youtube to learn about dota nowadays


                                                Agree on being positive. My motto is if you had nothing good to say, then don't turn on your mic. Everyone fucks up a lot, nobody needs to point out every little mistake like a play-by-play caster, it only brings negativity.


                                                  When u have full health and mana and refuse to save your carry who when given a few seconds can rampage on the spot. U just don't deserve to win if u keep thinking that doing these kind of fuck ups is forgivable