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General DiscussionAny remaining Dotabuff Veterans here anymore?

Any remaining Dotabuff Veterans here anymore? in General Discussion

    It's been so long I wonder how many of the oldfags actually pepsied by now.

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      i remember that arc warden spammer lol


        Don't remember you at all OP nokappa


          ^your account was made after or around the time when he stopped posting on forums :)


            i stole 25k$ from charity, and i spent all of it to write this message on a god-forgotten forum. i have nothing to eat now.
            rip ayy lmao btw


              Овај коментар је измењен

                KEKL KEKL KEKL

                one syllable anglo-saxon

                  can't believe this is how i found out about meka's gdq shenanigans. honoured to have played with a bona fide speedrun terrorist

                  one syllable anglo-saxon

                    what happened to ayy lmao thread

                    ran out of steam and died. forum autolocks threads that receive no new replies for 3 (2?) months and i guess we just collectively forgot about that


                      O_O "is too short (minimum is 6 characters)"