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    wow im the first


      I love rubick, you can make "the plays" even at level 1 with telekinesis


        Good work and good read!


          Nice introduction. I feel like Dazzle didn't get as much love though given how you gave the reason for the others being out of the meta was popularity of certain heroes. You didn't do the same with Dazzle :( .

          objet petit a

            Nice analysis, though the fluency and flow of English could be improved.

            (e.g. "since it is quite easy not to get away" could be written as "it's not easy to get away", excessive use of commas and things that could be shortened (it is -> it's, do not -> don't)

            Señor Mango

              u pick the dazzzle for the phys dmg control and also for the counter against melee heros


                nice read bro


                  I particulary liked the skywrath section. Thanks for the read.

                  Mina Inverse

                    Thanks for this blog. Dazzle is my number one hero and you have given me his weaknesses. :)


                      I love the Dazzle entry, cuz it's so fucking honest about the damn hero, he's a situational, crucial support pick. Has a little bit of advantage on melee enemy heroes (but not AXE, as stated above.) Perfectly - timed Grave can always turn the tides of the battle. Maybe it for your allies or yourself. Not a noob friendly hero either. Need a lot of attention too use him at full extent.

                      Nice series of Support Articles, lot learned from em. Really helping Support players like meh.


                        Good work! I like Dazzle))


                          pretty nicely writte :)


                            2 interesting

                            Cirno the Ice Fairy

                              KawaiiSocks you typed "pubic match" somewhere up there.


                                ^ fixed... -_-

                                "Isha" akbar>Sigmar Umgak...

                                  i miss crystal maiden, one of the best support for the whole team


                                    Pls refer to puck as 'it' not 'he'. Cant stand it :P


                                      I love the dazzle analysis part because I am a dazzle player as well( Way before he starts showing up in competitive scene :D).

                                      In my opinion, Dazzle is actually a really good counter pusher or farming at its own when space are given by using shadow wave.
                                      I tend to max up shadow wave first for maximum damage output and opponents also always underestimate how much damage shadow wave can provide with just one wave of creeps.

                                      But now that axe is the current meta, dazzle really falls off a lot thanks to axe's ult :(

                                      da real BAD BOY

                                        viet linh tinh von`


                                          dai` von

                                          {dabr} Hostilius

                                            Why do you keep saying "HP pool" the "p" in hp stands for pool. Hp means health pool for someone that writes blogs professionally on gaming I would think you should know this. Saying HP pool is the same as people saying PIN number its redundent.

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                                            Gabriel Angelos

                                              hp means hit point or health point and mp is mana point fool ...


                                                ^ I agree

                                                Winston Churchill

                                                  Although dazzle is regarded as a situational support, he is probably the best support in the game. I think it's slightly inaccurate to say he lacks a proper disable when poison touch is awesome. People tend to think a disable isn't worth anything unless its a stun. Level 4 poison touch stuns at the end of its duration anyway. He's an extremely effective support hero early in the game, capable of allowing a carry to snowball without worrying extensively about being ganked and doesn't fall off the stage late game as much as the other hard supports do because his weave and shallow grave make him immensely valuable in a game-changing fight. Even with the new patch's attention to the agility carry-orientated heroes going for tanker builds as opposed to DPS builds, weave won't ever be irrelevant because of its offensive AND defensive abilities, which you touched on. He's my favorite support hero and I see him applicable in any game where there's no axe on the opposition team.

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