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    useless glimcape

    R@ndom ^^

      Shit hero, anybody can play that... mmr abuser hero


        What do the different highlight colors on the items represent?


          The icons with blue outline denote boot choice. The bright yellow outlined icons have a CSS class named importance-very-high, while the fainter yellow outlined icons have a CSS class name importance-high. Glean from that what you will.

          My guess is faint yellow denotes situational items, and bright yellow denotes core items.


            I suggest buying soul ring b4 soul booster after arcanes, so it's gives u faster farm


              the people in the comment section seeing the picture... :( its just an example okay? dont take it seriously like omfg

              im so bad at artifact

                The problem with any example-driven approach is that it doesn't show you /why/ someone made the particular choices that they did, so you might end up with a build completely unsuited for your matches.


                  The worst part with those leshrac pickers IS they didnt even know the hero existed before this patch.
                  I loved TI2 leshrac I really adored him but now this hero is literally an abomination.
                  Stun made easy to land with lighting and lighting is like upheaval without having to channel .Valve please fix this crap.
                  The only good part is making leshracs -> LESHREKT because leshracs alongside Bloodseeker pickers have the most tasty tears on this game.

                  Player 95251565


                    I hope I'll be featured some time C:



                      [G]olden [F]ish


                        ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                          oh wow so people with ~50 sf games gets featured cus they cheated their way up high mmr like every other high mmr player right yeah

                          since when did db descend into some kind of snobbery, or do you genuinely don't care what newbs learn from

                          you need consistency to tell a story, not some one time success story of a player. even most pro players don't know what they are doing most of the time and they don't even play at low mmr. there is no mmr system where everyone always gets wiped to 0 head start after every update or every month. Without that you don't get nearly acceptable a system no matter how many sheeple are playing the game and last I check there ain't a lot of numbers rising the past half year at all, even the turnout at ti5 sucks

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                            Not enough salt in the word for this comment section.


                              how can i see the match, post the ID match pls, or tell me how can i watch it pls.


                                Cool, I wanted something like that!