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    good post m8, although shouldnt the bloodiest/most peaceful stat be based on kills per minute rather than total kills?


      nice stats


        i think bone7 deserves a shoutout for being like lvl 13 at 60 min as clock in a game

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          Where is Tusk?


            Since when is sonneiko only a ti discovery ?

            He is (wthout anydoubt) better than 80% of the participants of this ti

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              which 24 remain unplayed? I doubt they will ever be played once things get serious :(


       (Oracle and Earth Spirit don't count)

                P3do GranDGranT PJSalt

                  Why don't Earth Spirit an Oracle count?


                    Why no mention of Techies' high win rate?


                      @TheReal - they are not yet in Captains Mode, so they couldn't have been picked
                      @Dsrt - He was picked seven times so far. Too small of a sample size to actually say something. (Blog Post) - I did an analysis on the hero back in December marking his addition to CM as very important. The meta was a bit slow to pick up.