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Bustin makes me feel good



      Nice work mate, I feel you as a support.


        fir... dammit

        nut cream

          Interesting article. The concept of a "power curve" is still something I only begin to grasp, as it differs for every hero, even ones, on first thought, very similar to each other. Good to see some learned thoughts on that, but I'd like to see it taken further, feels like this particular article was only an introduction.

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            I'm another big supporting fan, but I think it's gotten easier. Glimmer Cape is such a beautiful item.


              its over 9000?


                your picture makes noobs want to play AM more and feed


                  Me: "Guys the offlaner is getting pretty farmed here"
                  "Hey mid would you mind ganking, I cant really seem to get farm here"
                  "Watch out the offlaner has level 6"
                  DOUBLE KILL!
                  Team: "Report feeder"

                  Dione Porcone

                    Finally someone explaining the basics of doto,let's make this game a better game!


                      The real point is not that there's a power curve, but how you explore it at the right moment.
                      PL six sloted is still cancer, even with those nerfs.. His peak remains the same.


                        this isn't related to anything in dota and something can be quite useful under some changes while other is a total bullshit

                        i admire the work you put in and despise lack of really meaningfull information in this article

                        Dmitry Payet

                          excellent Job !


                            I enjoyed reading it mate


                              Excellent article.

                              Dogg Father

                                @HaylingZar I like that picture... I guess i'm gonna play anti-mage today!:D Or not i'm not;C Need to sleep... I hope i don't wake up tommorow with thought about playing anti-mage tommorow, 'cause i will feed for sure:C

                                you get me closer to gyatt

                                  this is great


                                    Me: "Guys the offlaner is getting pretty farmed here"
                                    Team: "Lol noob"

                                    Togame the Strategian

                                      Nice read, thanks :)


                                        this is all nice, but you do know level of retardines in 4k-5k pubs. No one wants to listen to you and they are all next dendi. Nice article but im afraid its all in vain :(


                                          with the current meta the way it is (team fight orientated) and every scrub following professional trends , support has become a almost non-exiting role. i myself play support more often than not (solo most of these as-well) and the utter lack of people knowing the 'power level' as your so nicely put is a major issue. poorly picked fights, especially when supports are nowhere near position, wreck moral. and the ever persistent "we need wards" whenever they get ganked by invis heroes are madding! ( while on the topic. BUY DUST CARRIES!! you'r the one that needs the detection). really liked the read. :D Check your power level boys and girls, and respect the supports u need them more than u think!

                                          DAYUM SON

                                            I feel you man, try playing a supp in low mmr, you'll suffer much more worst than hell zzz

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                                              there should be "tiering"of Hard Carry probably
                                              I don't know how that can be quantified or what criteria can be used, but examples where scenarios exists such as-
                                              6 slotted proper items Spectre outcarries a 6 slotted proper items Alchemist.
                                              Or a 4 item Faceless Void with Chrono can solo pop a 6 slotted Shadow Fiend.
                                              Or a PL with items can still get destroyed by an Earthshaker in a single blink echo slam. (Some PL players overestimate the reworked PL forgetting illus take 500% dmg and no longer has built-in passive magic resistance...)

                                              But props to OP for bringing this up,
                                              as a support player it's frustrating to see when your carry/mid can't gauge the match up properly
                                              but I suppose those intangibles are all part of the game.


                                                That's really by Dragonfist? Really awesome pic


                                                  I think about this stuff a lot in games already, subconsciously though, I've never dubbed it anything, "powerlevels"

                                                  I feel like I always try to explain to my team that our alchemist isn't going to out carry their antifun.

                                                  348 here

                                                    I was expecting you guys to demonstrate some ranking or quantification of this power level stuff but you never bothered.

                                                    Fat grills and feeders

                                                      This is an interesting article but I think it need a lot more content to bring out it's full potential.

                                                      Things like Undying being a U shape in terms of relevance - uber strong at level 3, kind of nothing until 35 minutes, then uber strong again. It's all about exploiting your strength relative to your teams - getting kills early, not feeding mid, wrecking late.

                                                      Big Kahuna Burger

                                                        is it sad that I know which exactly set each of those anti mage cosmetics comes from?


                                                          "Item and Level timings are important when attempting to asses the opposing and your own power levels."



                                                          Mobik's Cube

                                                            All this of course means jack shit if your midlaner doesn't gank, which is 99.99999% of pub games at under 3500 MMR

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                                                              Great ideas and advice. Communication is always key and you have to make your teammates aware of what's going on. It's never fun when you cast Doom on a target with a freshly purchased Linkens; communication and checking inventories are key.


                                                                Cool info


                                                                  Any hero with more than power level of 9000 ?


                                                                    brace up "its overrrrr 9000!!!" comments incoming


                                                                      Good read. I agree communications is the key.


                                                                        More adcanced guides please :) Though we already know these, these can help me and other 9k redittors out there reach our 10k mmr


                                                                          This is just common sense. It should be understood by every support so that they know when to make rotations to: Kill a carry before a major item, stack jungle and stay behind a mid if you think they need help.


                                                                            yoo ganja lovers


                                                                              I often have this experience while playing a supp:
                                                                              when carry farms all from lanes to neutrals and gets + lvl + items.
                                                                              and cause of this everyone dies during some fights and he along cannot fight with the rest of enemies;
                                                                              but ofc carry will blame in this the rest of team without thinking that he was the main reason of that defeat.

                                                                              crucial items are needed not only for carries.
                                                                              if carry has 6 slots and the rest of the team 2-3 max.. it is not a miracle that a fight will be lost.


                                                                                its nice ! but come explain this in 3k...where i am stuck.....


                                                                                  "I have seen Shadow Fiends walk invisible into a support Tusk, sure he'd kill him with his ultimate. Nada. Not even half hp."

                                                                                  boo, horrible example. his ult does 1k/1.5k/2k damage after reductions, just because someone is incompetent at execution does not necessarily mean he misjudges the relative power levels.

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                                                                                    ayyo skimmiboy educating ppl


                                                                                      lol is better !


                                                                                        a good article but NOTHING new. i really want to improve, but cant find any suitable literature. everything seems to be geared towards people who dont use the turn signal.


                                                                                          This is really helpful article stuffed with crucial commentaries and vivid explanations on meta. However, Dota 2 players that comprise 3-4k mmr bracket mostly have insufficient skills, knowledge and drafting issues. You will eventually get into those kind of situations when ur team is extremely weaker than ur opponents(sometimes you will be thrown into 4 carry pickers, feeders, account boosters, account buyer and etc.). If u want to increase ur mmr u need to dedicate a lot of time and effort if u r ready to do so, keep on reading.
                                                                                          What I do in order to improve my mmr?
                                                                                          1) Before starting playing mmr, i play 2-3 games in pub mm, so that I can warm up before mmr, cause anyway u won't be able to react quickly without walk around.
                                                                                          2) You need to be a good carry or mid-laner. The chance of winning most of the games are higher if u posses good skills on heroes that can turn the fight or take advantage from early to the late game, heroes that have good aoe or physical damage. Heroes like: Shadow Fiend, Ember Spirit, Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, Tinker, Clinkz, Windranger, Queen of Pain, Tiny, Razor. This heroes can do a lot of damage both physical and magical, moreover they can easily push the lanes and take down towers which is very important.
                                                                                          3) You need to communicate with ur team, as u r in a prominent role(mid or carry), u have to ask ur team to create space for u or wait until u make some items before u can push and etc.
                                                                                          4) Always keep farming and stacking, never stop farming and never miss the free creeps on lane(there are lanes that are totally free from opponents). If u are out to gank, and ur opponents saw u on ward they start to go back and hug the towers which means ur gank has just failed totally. What most of the mid players in 3k and 4k do in this case, they start to farm the creeps on lane thus pushing it to the opponent safe zone and leeching experience and stealing farm from ur teammates, instead try farming the jungle.
                                                                                          5) Always check ur opponents' slots, levels and amount of mana. If u r playing mid or carry, u always need to be aware whether ur potentially ganking opponents seen on map or not. It is mostly supports or heroes that have stuns and lock downs in early game, u should always look at the map and their mana pool, if u decide to kill the hero on ur lane you should be aware whether his teammates have tp or mana for tp.
                                                                                          6) Don't blame ur teammates as they are not always perfect and brilliant, on some point u should not rely on ur teammates, cause most of them might not even recognize what is happening.
                                                                                          7) Always prioritize ur skills and item when you acquire them. Mostly ppl build their heroes with the same pattern every game, buying same items and the same skill builds. Never do that.


                                                                                            Woaw. That photo of pl,am and es is awesome. :bd

                                                                                            RUN CMD

                                                                                              If it's not a problem I will translate this text to Polish language and use it on my facebook page. All the credits and link will be given to you of course. :)


                                                                                                In 3k, fuckinly rare to struggle with a good teammates


                                                                                                  I miss the times were the mid hero secured midgame by ganking lanes way more often after getting a certain rune or hitting 6. Nowadays its more like mid became a second carry, who also needs a lot of attention from the supports. Instant Shadow Fiend pickers expect all other lanes to go well, the enemy offlaner should be zoned while camps should still be stacked as well. Meanwhile your carry gets beaten to a pulp by roaming heroes whenever you try to pull or stack. Trilanes became less popular because people are way too attracted to action and roaming heroes, yes babysitting your carry is boring most of the times, but against the popular dual offlanes its often needed to get your carry online. I really hate it when my team decides to fuck up lanes just because they don't like to play a certain role/playstyle. Getting mmr can be easier than you think with the right mindset...

                                                                                                  Yoshida Saki 行方不明
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                                                                                                      Shadowfiend/QoP/TA are still ganker kings. A single invis/haste rune usually means a double kill if not more.
                                                                                                      And a lvl 11 SF point blank range Requiem on a Tuskar? Tusk evaporates.