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    only carry

      translate rus pls...fuking google translate


        I think all this is missing is elaborating on which armor item to buy, for specific roles/situations and their utility that makes changes to cost effectiveness of the item.

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        IT'S FUCKING

          booty jams


            a good article but still have flaws , didnt mention about the items that should be bought for what role at what time, also , still need to mention the important to get early armor on INT heroes , not only those rings and medallion helps , vladr too , especially for junglers and supports


              Translate to spanish pls


                Gotta leave room for the sequel, yo. I gots rent to pay.


                  49:50? The video only has 10 mins of action


                    yea this article is 100% wrong.

                    armor has been rendered completely worthless by this game's rampant power creep. 10 armor or 40 armor, makes no difference - you will still die in a shackle, or a slardar stun, or an AM abyssal.

                    the only way to survive is to buy damage avoidance such as ghost, euls, force, glimmer.


                      Excellent article man Thanks!


                        Ogre magi is strength hero? This is new.

                        < blank >

                          Conclusion: the best item for this meta is _assault_cuirass_


                            @star the one:

                            That was a mistake, whoops! Ogre has insane str gain though!


                              @ShAdOwDaRkSoU its not vdeo minute but in game minute

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                                  Technically speaking, your armor type does protect against magical damage (it's why most heroes have 25% base magic resistance). That isn't hugely important to know since it doesn't have mechanical impacts—reducing hero armor to 0 doesn't change the amount of damage it blocks from magic or cleave.


                                    @Mekarazium where does it say that...? nowhere. exactly.

                                    It's Morbin' Time

                                      screw off any people asking for translations lmao

                                      Koirien suojelija

                                        Really useful guide! I really should get more into the theory of dota...


                                          Да хорош тебе, и так всё понятно же. Много HP и брони? Уменьшай броню. Много HP, но не брони? Просто увеличь физический урон по нему. Мало HP, но много брони? Бей магией. Ни того, ни того — бей как угодно.
                                          А, и не забывай про Solar Crest.

                                          Вот вся суть :D


                                            TA DAAAH

                                            rΔz0R ( °□°)__.•'¯)

                                              pretty good article.......GG :D

                                              Dope Lemon

                                                Thanks Gorgon. Nice article!


                                                  @Marshmallow - The Nuclear option

                                                  Wifi Ky

                                                    @Yellow Guy

                                                    you read that wrong. He doesn't say armor helps against magic/pure, he says you should factor it in when deciding if you should buy armor or HP.

                                                    example: Let's say you have enough armor to give you 20% increase in EHP against physical.

                                                    1) You have 1000Hp and the enemy removes 800 with magic spells which is ofc ignored by the armor. You have 200Hp left which they (generally) have to work through with rightclicks, because their spells are on cooldown. Your armor gives you 40EHP against physical dmg.
                                                    -> buying more hp will give you more EHP per gold than buying more armor. (You might not come to the same conclusion if you did the math with 1k HP instead)

                                                    2) Same example as above but you have 3k HP instead. After their spells you have 2,2k HP. Armor gives you 440EHP against physical dmg.
                                                    -> buying more armor will give you more EHP per gold than buying more HP.

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                                                      Cleave ignores armor


                                                        will bought cuirass every game then. ty


                                                          cleave ignores armor, but if the main target were in high armor, the cleave damage will be crippled cmiiw



                                                            The damage from cleave is completely unaffected by how much damage the primary target takes.

                                                            If you have 100 damage and a battle fury and hit a unit with ~25 or so armor, so they only take 50 damage, the people behind them still take 35 damage from the 35% of your 100.

                                                            If you have 2 battlefurys and still 100 damage and hit the same guy he'll still take 50 damage from his armor reduction, but the people behind him with now be taking 70 damage, more than the guy that actually got hit. This is particularly noticeable with Kunkka since he's cleaving for 100% so the people behind the main target take much more than the primary target.

                                                            The only thing that works based off the damage the primary target takes is Templar Assassin's Psi-Blades.


                                                              instruction unclear, got myself buying rapier instead


                                                                @BD You sir are wrong. EHP matters a lot because it takes longer to kill you (when its not magical damage). Meaning they need a longer shackle or stun to kill you. It would be the same with a ghost scepter, Why would you have one if you are stuned and cant activate it in time? While armor gives you time to react and live longer!


                                                                  @giselachar20 technically not true. It is "reduced by armor type," which is effectively a reduction of 0 in post WCIII days.

                                                                  "The damage is not reduced by the armor value, only the armor type and damage block reduce it."



                                                                    I'll throw a Deso or AC on just about any hero these days.


                                                                      Awesome article dude :D



                                                                        Johnny Rico

                                                                          So bristle 80 armor in my next game.

                                                                          im lost

                                                                            Very insightful, thank you

                                                                            N A Y N !

                                                                              EXPERIMENT: I once tried in "Demo Hero" using Dazzle and Stack his ulti on enemy axe; i first tried to Double cast it using Refresher (to make it realistic) and waited until the buff is almost done, and then hit Axe.. i measured the damage of that hit.. and then the second time, im on "Free spells Mode" i cast Dazzle's ulti on enemy Axe Countless times.. his armor is down by hundreds, and then i did the same thing as the first.. i waited until the buff is almost done, then hit Axe at the last second of the buff.. Guess what, the damage done is the same.. do this experiment too.. Then please someone explain..

                                                                              Rainy today
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                                                                                  @Nayn, what you're talking about is probably the diminishing effect of armor increase/decrease, same as in the article, armor increases or reduces EHP which is based on your base health, meaning:
                                                                                  1. Axe 1k hp +20 armor is 3000 EHP
                                                                                  2. Axe 1k hp 0 armor is 1k EHP
                                                                                  3. Axe 1k hp -10 armor is 625 EHP
                                                                                  4. Axe 1k hp -20 armor is 333.(3) EHP
                                                                                  5. Axe 1k hp -100 armor is 142 EHP
                                                                                  You can see that the initial -10 to -20 armor significantly reduces the EHP of Axe, while decreasing the armor by -100 doesn't give half of the benefits of lowering armor.
                                                                                  p.s. Even with full - armor squad (SF -6 armor, Slardar -20 armor, Deso -7 armor, Solar crest -10 armor, AC -5 armor, Dazzle -1 to -30 armor) it equals to maximum -78 armor, if you add bristle then its max -85 or something. This is not even worth trying to achieve since the enemy team would then have no other option than to split push, and remember that you have to farm up all these items, plus if they have nuke spammers like lina zeus or qop they can easily take down a squishy sf with 1.5k hp regardless of how much armor he has.
                                                                                  Finally, the whole point of this article is get Windranger, farm aghs, desolator, solar crest, daedalus, mkb (in this order) and kill any hero which will appear.


                                                                                    @nayn Because the double ult already does -60 or -84 armor (depending on if you have aghs on dazzle or not), adding a third or fourth instance of weave will not make much of a difference. Like the article says, with each point of armor it gets less and less effective with adding EHP. The same goes for minus armor, see .

                                                                                    Personally what I feel missing in this article is awareness of when to buy armor and when to buy raw hp. For me as a core versus a balanced magic damage and physical damage line up I tend to aim at around 20-40 armor, after that I will just get myself more hp. Since armor has diminishing returns the more you have and raw hp doesn't: a point booster will always add the same amount of hp. Plus you still need some sustain in fights (or out of them): yes armor might do more for your EHP compared to a heart, but a heart enables you to rejoin fights much quicker or keep pushing after you've won a fight. Or lifesteal (especially on heroes with a crit), it might not give you raw hp or armor, but simply because you add hp after each hit, it also makes you more 'tanky' or better said, sustainable in fights.

                                                                                    All in all you need hp, armor, some form of sustain or regen and maybe magic immunity to be able to fight in dota. The key is to know when to buy what.

                                                                                    Eligna Wild

                                                                                      Dunno if some adm reads this comments, but... There is any problem if I translate this article and make a video in portuguese to explain this concept? Brazilian community have few things like this but i'm not able (I'm not a good enough player) to "create" by myself. I'll refer u (dotabuff and Gorgon) of course.


                                                                                        ty) it was interesting

                                                                                        Hiroko 1st

                                                                                          BOT Skim

                                                                                          really good article , i enjoyed it , i understand what u mean
                                                                                          and about other people that keep telling this article useless , let him be
                                                                                          im happy about that , coz its easier for me if the world dont understand about how important armor
                                                                                          i want talk a lot about minus armor to support ur statement , but i want other people still careless about armor

                                                                                          maybe i have clue a bit
                                                                                          why pro player always buy medallion
                                                                                          why slardar currently be a top pick , beside his sprint offlaner
                                                                                          why secret can win the game with slardar misery at grandfinal nanyang champ
                                                                                          why clinkz's fear use medallion + deso build
                                                                                          why sf winrate a bit high in pub match
                                                                                          why pro player use slardar to counter alche

                                                                                          and if someone want to share this armor article , i think its ok

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                                                                                          Derp's missing tax files

                                                                                            Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 36.93% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                                                                                              Very good post, especially for modest players like me, even if I knew the importance of armor.


                                                                                                If you're playing against Techies you gotta buy armor. I remember playing Doom against Techies. I got an AC, +20STR from Halberd and +4STR from a Wand. My team was standing behind me while I was clearing mines lol. Unfortunately, we lost because of my reatarded teammates (double ac and vlads...).
                                                                                                That's a good example of why armor is so damn important

                                                                                                Ec`Z. Keedara-

                                                                                                  Waw just get Deso, AC on SF, Dazzle tosses ult and medallions u while u walk in and 3-4 hit everything..

                                                                                                  live die repeat

                                                                                                    "Armor increases the value of raw HP and vice-versa. Each armor will always raise your EHP by 6% of your current HP, but that doesn't scale linearly when you consider EHP growth. There are diminishing returns to EHP growth from purchasing armor." While this is correct, it is exactly the same for HP. I think the main point is that you have to weigh which types of damage you are facing and itemize accordingly.

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