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    first lol

    Death is eternal

      I've been spamming slark games for a while and its true with heroes like lina and qop out of the picture and no reliable nuke to deal with him in the current meta i found it useful to use him, i can deal late game against AM pickers and Spectre pickers like its nothing, I've even made huge comebacks single handledly only using slark, i play him for the offlane role, since I'm in 2k and most people tend to feed on the offlane role its not optimal but its definetly viable and with the new map layout i can farm faster with boots and just an aquila


        2nd nah :3

        FAT FUCK

          a suh dude


            Millon-dolar-dream Carl Kappa

            Lobo Mau

              SECOND =D

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                  The hero pros pick when there's too much on stack and shall make a comeback at next TI is Naga Siren. Always a priority at TIs, rarely picked otherwise...

                  ichiban, lipstick for men

                    Uh, I'm pretty sure Puck can actually blink through DoT via phase shift, ONLY if he's blinking the direction he's facing. I tested this a while back, and it seemed to work versus a Pudge rotting. I think.


                      No mention of Spectre?

                      Derp's missing tax files


                        EL AYUWOKI HEHE

                          i love morphling dont do it anything to him plz osfrog !! or i will kill u !!

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                            sunder is a good survivability skill? Id say that it rather kills tb, than keeps him alive. Its now like borrowed time or reincarnation which work automatically and the enemy with a decent burst dont experience any difficulties with killing full hp terrorblade. Moreover, one random disable doesnt let u cast sunder

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                              why the fuck do people like 'Madness is Key ' who stated they're in normal skill and 2k mmr, insist on spitting out their shitty unrefined opinion in every dotabuff post? fuck off

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                              I'm as good as you

                                "The way game “reads” effects is based off the position of players in their team."

                                So there would be a advantage if you get placed in blue/pink?

                                Im confused. Wheres a site to read about these mechanics?

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                                    This is poorly written and has quite a few grammatical errors that make it hard to read. What was the deal with the blue/pink slot and DoTs? I wasnt following that at all


                                      Morphling spammers rofl. i just counter it with earthspirit :) ez+25 in everygame with morp spammers .

                                      Impervious to Nailguns

                                        All Morph spammers, man. Totally. Not Invoker/LC/LD/OD. All the Morph spammers.

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                                          lmao the offlane rises you sound like a no life tool like wtf btw mmr means almost nothing 1k-4k is not much difference only level of farming that's it how well u last hit lmao one of those no lifes that talks about mmr

                                          Goated Labz

                                            like who the flying fuck are u kid lmao prob some delivery pizza boy


                                              suh dude


                                                "The way game “reads” effects is based off the position of players in their team."

                                                can someone elaborate on that? i dont get it how my in game position can influance DoT


                                                  Hey. I can speak English fluently, but I live in Brazil, so most of my friends don't flood me with RTS jargon like DoT and those aren't always familiar to me. But it's absolutely fine if I can find the term on Google (e.g. googling DoT gives me "Damage over Time")... but what on Earth is a blue/pink spot? Please be reasonable, does anyone actually use that expression? Reading articles on this blog gets me so unnecessarily tired sometimes.


                                                    what is DoT anyway?


                                                      I just know that, sometimes, games destiny are not resolved on internet connection, sometimes I know it's due to this DoT's thing, the way game reads points and colors and shit. Like when Sand King cast his ulti, and nobody else's understand what's going on, it's Dots!!


                                                        "DoT" is "damage over time",
                                                        By saying "blue/pink" KawaiiSocks means the highest MMR player on the team (first slot on Radiant is blue, first slot on Dire is pink). It's a pretty bad way to express that, tbh.


                                                          Dayum these meta spammers


                                                            Blue/Pink has nothing to do with MMR. It is the first slot on a team. The game reads what players do or in this case, if their damage over time spells do damage vs blink. If a jakiro is in the first spot of an enemy team the game will read his damage over time spell on the puck before the game reads pucks blink command. Basically its like "tie goes to the runner" in this case tie goes to the first spot on a team. Blue or Pink.


                                                              Puck is one of the versatile heroes (Jakiro and Vengeful Spirit being very notable too).
                                                              Imo, if pub players used Phase Shift the way it's meant to be, it'd be way better.
                                                              I've seen pro Pucks take down Slarks (I remember that particular Puck had Blink as well a Force Staff).


                                                                A long time ago the highest MMR would be in blue/pink and lowest in orange/brown but it's been well over a year since that was patched.


                                                                  OD? outsourced developer lol


                                                                    it will be amazing if TB becomes a pick or ban hero in the next TI... TB is still very rarely picked in Pro games


                                                                      As far as I understand the blue/pink spot refers to simply the spot you are in so blue for radiant and pink for dire.

                                                                      Why this matters is not because of mmr, but as a result of programming I imagine.
                                                                      A computer can't do more than one operation at a time, it merely seems that way.

                                                                      So to "handle" all the movements/spells etc. of players it will simply do each player at a time.
                                                                      Now the way this is usually done is in a for-loop(search it in google)
                                                                      which looks like this:
                                                                      (C#, though the server code would probably be in C++, it still applies)

                                                                      for (int playerNum=0;playerNum<MaxPlayers;playerNum++)

                                                                      so from that you can see that player 0 (ie blue) will be looked at and completed first.
                                                                      And if you have a for-loop for each team both blue and pink would receive this benefit.

                                                                      Hope that is understandable.