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    first pls

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          I really hate Naix on the other side


            reason ET is not popular? cuz.. he requires set up or the enemy to just stand still.. for you do anything...

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            UNCLE KUSH

              lolz hemp'th


                Less than 20? Haha


                  Techies will be massively buffed in 6.87 and win TI6 for Secret.

                  the fall

                    Concerning PA it is in my opinion misleading to use expectation values, as PA benefits from surprise bursts of damage.
                    Take stifling dagger in the late laning phase for example. You can use it as low mana cost harass. Yet, once it crits you can jump on the enemy and potentially kill him.


                      elder my love i'm sad one day u will be strongest hero^^


                        11th damn...

                        Pos 3



                            I've said it before and I'll say it again- ET doesn't need "more bigger numbers"; he needs a rework for some or all of his abilities.

                            I don't want to change him VERY much, he's got some cool ideals and a lot of flavor, but he doesn't offer enough payback in response to the skill required to pull off his combos.

                            Homme viril

                              Bullshit, elder doesn't need good teamfight setups to be useful to his teammates. He's a very strong laner, astral spirit is a stong harass spell with low mana cost and small cd, moreover it gives him a good buff to lh or to counter-initiate gank attempts. In mid game, it will help to scout or nuke fugitives ennemies (and also disable blink daggers when chasing). If you max your astral+Natural order, you'll be able to deal 200+dmg in a single right click to the opposites heroes at 6:00. A good teamfight setup will just help ET to make a very good ech stomp +ult, and eventually lead his carries to make at least a triple kill. Echo stomp can also be used as escape for ganker or blinker like slark, PA, bh, AM ect... The only reason he's not popular is that he lacks of speed for spell's casting time, and he is weak in late game vs stong carries. Noobs are too childish to understand that timing with ET is the key to success.


                                LOL. He's a normal bracket player with only 12 games on Elder ^

                                Sexo Meister


                                  Who the fuck maxs natural order over echo stomp

                                  You dingus

                                  CLEETUS McFarland

                                    Ugly heros and heros losing 1v1 fight wont ever be popular. All the top picks are cool killers.

                                    El muchacho de los ojos t...

                                      P A? rofl


                                        what about chaos knight

                                        El Zorro

                                          That is some nice post, being prepared to what will come in later is something I have not seen anywhere else, I also have not the slightest idea how to play against an experienced ET player so I would enjoy advice. Moreover there was Kuroky playing support lifestealer with Liquid and it worked in an interesting way, having a support turn into an ancient creep can be more useful than having a core turn into them, though I have only seen it there it is interesting at least, maybe you want to get a glimpse of the video on youtube. I also thought PA was a bit stronger than you mention, but I don't play much carry to be honest.

                                          On a completely irrelevant note (yes, it is an irrelevant comment) you missed a "T" on the second to last paragraph on lifestealer on the second sentence, sorry to be a grammar nazi.


                                            Elder Titan is a hero of tomorrow because he is a new hero, right?

                                            In all seriousness, I really believe PA is actually fine where she is, but players need to figure out how to play her correctly. She probably needs a few buffs to not rely completely on RNG though.

                                            Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                              it's all in the head...all 3 character designs suck big time

                                              et is big and bulky and generally uncomfortable but not as much as magnus for me....after pa arcana came out original pa design is dog shit....and ls...cmon he's uglier than pudge and walks on all 4s like a dog or something

                                              that's my analysis of these 3 heroes

                                              Ice my frog

                                                Dame, i have had ET games that have been amazing, but only when we got a good team to pack it. Otherwise ET has initiated but nobody to do damn anything after.
                                                ET relies on team players who are patient.


                                                  Interesting article. It's difficult to know how to 'fix' Elder Titan; the problem seems to be around his stomp and it either being brokenly good or worthlessly bad. As you mention, skill cap and team coordination is one issue here but raw utility is another and it seems like the trade-off just isn't worth nailing the tricky execution of the spell.

                                                  I feel like a change is needed. Perhaps something drastic like getting rid of the sleep status and making it inflict a shorter stun and slow combination effect (1+1/1.5+1.5/2+2/2.5+2.5 seconds perhaps). Full duration stun at the original values would be too strong, but ideally you need something to help you land your ultimate, hence the slow.

                                                  That would make the pay-off of landing a difficult spell greater. Alternatively you could keep the somewhat underwhelming sleep status effect, but just make it easier to land. What about removing the channelling aspect of the stomp's wind-up component? This way you aren't punished as heavily for whiffing the skill as it isn't placed on cool-down if you are interrupted or decide not to go through with it. The timed nature of the astral spirit means that you can't just endlessly spam out the wind-up as it's going to come back to you after 8 seconds max anyway. And the threat of a cancel-able stomp would presumably give him something to mess with opponents' positioning and last-hitting during the laning stage. This might be too strong of a buff, but if offset with nerfs to other aspects of the hero I think it could work.


                                                    What about Pugna?


                                                      ET dint need buffs he's good as long as his positioning and decisions are right.

                                                      Pick ET and type EZ = +25 mmr


                                                        what about terrorblade... even he is rarely picked but with enough farm TB is a monster... and he requires as much farm as AM ... even he needs some love


                                                          "ET dint need buffs he's good as long as his positioning and decisions are right."
                                                          Every hero in dota is good like that <.<
                                                          It's the same as saying enigma needs a nerf since he could potentially wipe out alone the entire enemy team with aghs and refresher....yes, you could be able to land a 5 man black hole, but is it really going to happen?

                                                          LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                            people tend to forget ET's actually a bit stronger in lane than most think. Ancestral Spirit buffs your damage for every creep and hero you walk over, it's a useful zoning tool because the enemy have either gotta back off to avoid the damage, or tank the spirit and give you free damage. Enemies often neglect this and wonder why you hit for 150 damage at lvl3.


                                                              Lifestealer is such a pain in the ass to play. Impossible to even get to your opponents without infest or shadow blade/blink + s&y.

                                                              주 롄양

                                                                Shit i do some math and found something interesting:
                                                                ET SS Lv 3 = 50% max hp dmg
                                                                ET+RO = 100% max hp damage

                                                                New meta kiiiiiiiiids he gonna top 1 most picked soon!!

                                                                while (!"false");

                                                                  ET needs a wake damage threshold or something on his stomp to be popular. Pub teams keep cancelling that sleep with their pitiful DoT.

                                                                  Mbeju Volador

                                                                    Tru dat


                                                                      I think ET is a very strong late game hero, While the person playing elder does need to know how to micro spirit and hero he can be very devastating in lane vs tri-lanes with spirit., and very good hero mid-late. While he does need some small threshold to allied teamate DoT's I think he is a very viable hero and the only thing he could possibly use is a slightly higher base armor to increase his lane potential.

                                                                      With the latest buff to Elder Titan he is now an Enigma that can basically kill an entire team for 2000 Less gold than an enigma would need to do the same.

                                                                      For the people that do not know how Earth Splitter works it does 50% of Max health (50% Physical, 50% Magical) Lets say Natures Prophet has 2000 health, If you have spirit out on top of Target with Natural order they will lose 100% of Base armor and Armor gained from Agility, and your spells gain 33% magic amplification. since prophet rarely build items like AC or Blade Mail anymore Prophet now technically has 0 Armor, and will have Approximate 1851 Health. Now Stomp deals 110p/109.5m so we are at 1631. Now if you itemize him with Veil and Aether lens which I think currently is the best way to play him, your ult at lvl 3 will do 1173 (500p+673m) damage at to the max health prophet leaving him at 458 Health. Two ults is murder.

                                                                      Now why did i do this here, i really do not know, but Veil, Aether Lens, AC, Refresher, Sheep All these items are very strong and can instantly wipe a team if they make a bad mistake. He is a very strong hero with a very weak laning phase. Has problems against heroes with stuns and is not the strongest in early stages of the game. I love the hero and he is very strong because people do not know how he works, Even reading 以火攻火 post you can see that he has little idea how the hero works.

                                                                      P.S. As ET with AL+Veil+Refresher, You never need a team if you make sure your spirit is on top and Earth splitter in the between them you win, but make sure they are within half a second from eachother or just uninstall dota.
                                                                      Good luck, and much murder.

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                                                                        People just play elder titan boringly and wrong. i'm number 10 in the world with him, and basically got to 5k MMR with him. I buy an armlet and go full on fuck you mode. I micro both the spirit and elder and am able to get above 300 damage in every teamfight. People suck at elder because they have no imagination and their builds suck. Don't ask for reworks and buffs because you just can't seem to figure something out. Sounds like a redditer

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                                                                          this post is pure shit


                                                                            how come elder titan is unpopular :( he is one my favorite since dota 1 :)

                                                                            Guardian of the Light

                                                                              Pa requires a huge amount of concentration on both global awareness(when to kill, when to run, when to get in and etc.) and individual skill ( harass, speed, reflex and etc.)


                                                                                PA should be nerfed


                                                                                  ET is a pretty good hero he's just unpopular because people don't get the deal about astral spirit


                                                                                    dont trust dota