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    first lol


      2nd lel


        3rst LUL




            "has even started can snowball your team into victory"
            I think there is a mistake somewhere.

            zoo tycoon = killgore hab...

              69th XDDDDDDD



                The Laughing Man

                  Omg I'm the 6031rst visitor I'm so proud! I would like to think my parents, my dog coujo, and my gardener. I wouldn't have made it here today without all of you

                  Bear of the Polar Variety

                    Ahhh jugg the no1 pubs favourite tower diving Hero.


                      what if juggernaut is just a human being..

                      привет улыбка


                        JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                          11th XD

                          Lumaki sa Farm

                            it wasnt fear who brought battlefury back to jugg .. it was the chinese teams who did it ..

                            JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                              @grass.grass.grass It is a human being. And it's me. Nice 2 meet u

                              Sincerely Jug

                              ♥ I Am You♥

                                Not talking about the healing ward? The ultimate tool to reengage the whole team 10 sec after a team fight? Allowing to rosh, allowing to push, allowing to sustain, allowing to stay indefinitely on lane after lvl4? For the first time in jug history, people are usually maxing healing ward over the crits in pubs!

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                                  pretty obvious information

                                  Yoshida Saki 行方不明

                                    I level stats on furion mid


                                      "...but Blade Fury is always maxed out first, usually with value points in Healing Ward and Blade Dance."

                                      Who maxes Blade Fury first? It's scaling is shit, you only need 1 early level for magic immunity/disjointing.


                                        ^ Pretty much everyone. 1-1-1 and stats was popular in 6.83 because you could use phase+MoM to just chase people down with autoattack; that's less of an option now, so the better manacost/cooldown/damage on the spin is how you get your kills in lane and make your escapes


                                          I love Omni.


                                            Maxing blade fury first is an option because it doesn't scale well,so it's better to use it in the early game (especially if you have a stunner/slower supports that helps you get easy kills in the early game)


                                              Juggernaut has always been a popular pick in both competitive and casual Dota

                                              I would argue that ~2 years is not "always".


                                                blattle fury?, madness forevaa


                                                  This hero is one of those heroes that respect every item in the game /nolance/. I tried and succeed with every build invented in the history of the hero. Just ask yourself this simple question and progress your itemization: How long will the game last?


                                                    Press R to win

                                                    Arc Welder

                                                      my favorite


                                                        only an idiot makes aghs


                                                          I go full on dips, phase, mom, yasha, mjollnir, butterfly


                                                            Aghs is really meh. You dont want to rely on your ulti that heavily coz it can and will be interrupted/evaded. Weird thing that heres no mention of maelstrom.


                                                              My friend is a Juggerfan. I like to go Aghs first asap, but I'm a nobody hehe.


                                                                32nd LUL

                                                                Tims ng 2k

                                                                  Building items to any heroes is depends to your enemy and depends on how you play the hero, Counter items + counter heroes + Mind alertness + kindness + cooperation = Win thats all

                                                                  WiFi Down

                                                                    I like the part where the people with ~200 games give their useless input


                                                                      Aghs, why is it not good on jugg?
                                                                      Cause he gets slot starved pretty quickly, like pretty much any agi carry he needs early game items not only for tankabilty but also to have mana to be able to use all his 3 spells.
                                                                      Personally i like the wand, phase, aquila and farming item. MoM has fallen off a lot but is still a good farming item, not as good as Battlefury obviously. Then as the game progresses you need to build into dps, aghs delays that by 4.2k gold, with that ammount you could've gotten almost a manta or an S&Y or a diffusal or a blink + half an item or even be close to a skadi. Are the 60 second cd and 3 more slashes really worth, imo they're not. That covers the point of the gold part, now the slot part...
                                                                      Jugg is kiteable, he needs mobility and a blink is pretty much needed when the other team is mobile, also if the game progresses into the stage where jugg needs to be the main dps and can't kill 1 or 2 heroes with omnislash only he might need a bkb or a defensive item, that's another slot and like cloud9 has taught us you should always carry a tp, so juggs iventory around 30 minutes ends up being kind of like this:

                                                                      Boots - TP - Farming item - Drums/Aquila - First big item - Second big item or blink

                                                                      There's no space there for an item that gives jugg no real value, the only situation where i see jugg with an aghs and no issues is if alch gives him one.

                                                                      Peace be with you

                                                                        At 5k++ mmr, people usually go for a casual RoH and poormans/wand depends on the enemy offlane. Then max blade fury for faster farming and creep cutting when left alone. Get a point or two on crit and ward. Two levels of crit is enough. Tempo control and early rosh? Pressure the offlaner's tower.

                                                                        Mid game. Gets aghs. Why? Can participate on every mid game fight. No problem on mobility yet. Why? 20 mins in, supports wont have much items and you would rely on your team mates to set things up. 5-man movement is such a thing in this mmr bracket that when a fight breaks out, either your team or the enemy team gets wiped.

                                                                        If no one throws, game should end after aghs. (~26 mins) go next?


                                                                          don't care


                                                                            aghs build is just a scrub dipshit low retarded noob build, i'd rather pick od zeus or some dirty shit but fuck aghs. only scrubs build it

                                                                            One of 5 Cores

                                                                              Fuck Jugg. Rubick you 're the man.