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        THIRD BLOOD!

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          Four Blood!

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            fifth blood !


              Nice. Now, when do we get an overview for the offlaners xD

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                7th :(

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                  Blood to the blood god!


                    great article


                      I love how many tidbits about laning phase we have in comments so far, thanks guys for your contribution. I just became a better player.

                      Thanks for the writeup. This is helpful for me ~3k scrub, however it would be mindblowing if purely reading this made me capable of using these tricks :D

                      Ерёма - drunk no re

                        Offlaner tip : dont die, and dont try to be iceiceice

                        dead inside

                          Great article.. it really help me to improve now.. thx m8


                            nice article.

                            Bear of the Polar Variety

                              Isn't morbid mask's lifesteal 15% not 10%?


                                Carry role is boring to play tbh
                                But fuck I'm so shitty as a support :(


                                  Anyone else notice that both of the pro players mentioned have anime avatars... smh


                                    Tell it to the people who first pick WK and Drow and get surprised when they have a shitty game.

                                    But i doubt those people can even read. They probably take offense to the mere suggestion of reading a guide.

                                    The Robot Devil

                                      Great Read! Thanks. Especially like the bits about how to farm, or not farm. And for the love of God/RTZ, please push like hell after a wipe (or rosh). Otherwise you get the fuckstick.


                                        Yeah Morbid Mask is 15% lifesteal... It even says it on the tooltip when you hover over the text.

                                        СДОХУ НА РЕЙВЕ

                                          Я еще рак, поэтому объясните мне вот этот обзац:

                                          То, где на линии находятся крипы—очень важно. Чтобы сместить крипов поближе к вашей башне, можно переагрить крипов ближнего боя противника на вашего лучника. Для этого нужно отдать приказ атаки на героя противника, и начать движение в сторону вашего крипа дальнего боя. Приказ можно отдать на ЛЮБОГО героя противника, т.е. если ваш оппонент на линии отсутствует, вы все равно можете кликнуть на оппонента через всю карту, и вражеские крипы пойдут за вами. Этот трюк также весьма полезен при игре за Акса

                                          Как это делать и как это использовать?


                                            Если ты отдаешь приказ атаки на героя противника, то все крипы противника в радиусе 600 выберут тебя новой целью. Крипы ближнего боя побегут за тобой, чтобы бить, но их аггро через какое-то небольшое время спадает. Когда аггро спадет с твоего героя, для них ближайшей целью станет твой союзный крип дальнего боя, у которого мало жизни, но высокий ДПС. Таким образом, они достаточно быстро его убьют, и общий ДПС твоей линии сократится практически вдвое, что заставит линию противника сильнее пушить, что сместит положение баланса линий ближе к твоей башне.

                                            ✪ -HaBBu. ♥҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈™

                                              Translation plzz :)


                                                Valve needs a server in West Africa.

                                                Death By Design

                                                  Good shit man.

                                                  JAR OF URSA

                                                    I am the first one who read this

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                                                        This is a bad analysis, not because the content is bad. Quite the contrary, what you're trying to say is perfect. The wording however seems to feed this idea in the dota community of 'the carry is more important than other roles' which isn't healthy. That's PURELY opinion of course, I would simply suggest a rethink on wording.


                                                          The concept is right, but I don't meet a lot of good carry players, or a good team at all. Most of the time, my team won becoz the enemy team sucks more than us rather than us skilled them out


                                                            @bogey654 At which part of the article was implied that carries are more important than other roles? The very first paragraph already contradicts your statement.

                                                            The article is about the do's and don'ts of the carry role. Of course, the topic will be about carries.


                                                              This shit is real!


                                                                Артизи вообще то лс. Незнаю как он там видит карту но любая команда куда бы он не пришёл начинает играть хуже нежели чем без него.


                                                                  I especially like the notion to don't go back to farming after a won team fight. I don't know how many times I've tried pushing a tower with 4 of 5 enemies dead, just to see my teams PA stroll around in the forest again, oblivious to the smattering of exclamation marks around him. You win the game by taking objectives, not by being the first to get a satanic.


                                                                    There also is one missing point..

                                                                    Peak points of carries.

                                                                    Some carries peak early-mid, some peak mid only, some peak mid - late, some peak late only..

                                                                    that's also important


                                                                      this one is a good point: "Finally—cherish your life or at least have one to spare. Chances are, your team has heavily invested in you and throwing away your life for no reason is deserving of all the negativity that will follow from your investors. Think of yourself as the tip of the spear—the structural integrity of the shaft is important, but without you the team will turn into a simple stick."


                                                                        good )_)_)


                                                                          Arteezy's godly map awareness Kappa

                                                                          Michael Franzese

                                                                            Watch BananaSlamJamma's stream on twitch, he's been saying these exact things (and more). Simple little changes to your game (like pushing lanes instead of jungling and knowing how and when to stack for lane control) are the difference between 3k and 4k as a carry player.

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                                                                            STOP! In the name of the ...

                                                                              you're a self righteous jerk

                                                                              Nervous Bakedown

                                                                                RTZ is the best farmer in Dota 2. He, however, has fairly shitty map awareness for a top tier pro player. I don't think you meant to say godlike map awareness, but heyo.


                                                                                  You can toggle basilius/aquila to deny offlane of last hits or get creeps that are under the enemy tower


                                                                                    Артизи даун , который больше всех делает ошибки , как и Энви

                                                                                    Lαʂƚ Wαɾɾισɾ Fɾσɱ A

                                                                                      Nice Stuf


                                                                                        last post

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