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    ha, first

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        ha, third

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        STOP! In the name of the ...

          You should have explained things like "initiation", "aggroing", "ganking" and stuff like that too. Beginners are not going to understand these simple (for us) things as much as space creation or lane equilibrium

          Ерёма - drunk no re

            Gank - When you farm where there is no ward and suddendly dies to a solo support


              good blog post for noobs above me and below me

              Mr. J.

                GG/Ez meaning pls haha


                  A lot of these strategic terms don't apply to newer players. In my opinion, they should know more mechanics-based terms such as "cast point".


                    9. Hoping for 9 winning streak.

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                        Don't forget CS LUL

                        La Lumière

                          You forgot putang ina bobo ako mid. Also, space creation is a myth. People only say it when they unintentionally feed and they say it to make them self feel better.

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                            Effective HP — HP of a target, taking into account its armor (and magic resistance)


                              A good read......


                                I'm glad this exists, perhaps Valve themselves could include a section in an update which contains much more vocabulary. As a game that is famous for not being welcoming to new players anything we can do to make it easier for newer players is only a good thing.

                                The Medic Guy

                                  "As a game that is famous for not being welcoming to new players"

                                  @bogey654 had you ever tried the tutorial in dota 2 reborn?


                                    Nice post, I'll need it for my career ;P


                                      You forgot "ez mid: congratulation to my mid opponent for an honorable performance", and "?" after any questionable plays from the opposite team to signify encouragement and good sportsmanship (or type "question mark" if you really want to make friends).

                                      For your own team, make sure to abuse "We need wards: we're losing this and it's not my fault" (say after your 5th death in 4 minutes for maximum impact).

                                      glhf and welcome to dots!

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                                        good read

                                        its gonna be fun

                                          still doesnt understand about "mid or feed" strategic, can someone explain it to me?

                                          Denzel Feedington

                                            What is the meaning of kappa and 4head?

                                            Thunder Warrior

                                              You forgot to add mid or feed and GG WP


                                                need some more concepts, like micro/macro skills, tempo and all of that.. and there should be a section inside dotabuff or dota 2 client to acces to this dictionary.. here, it will be forgotten and useless with easy..

                                                Time to Morb

                                                  Should have explained what is and what isn't a "nuke" and also what jukes/juking means.
                                                  Took me quite a while to figure those out.



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                                                    doc joferlyn simp

                                                      i think "zoning" dont exclusively apply to pressuring offlaners

                                                      maybe zone out enemy mid hero as a mid skywrath with your spells? zone out their carry because you as a offlaner (timber?) can do that if the supports arent around? zone jungler from the jungle in the early game with a roaming support?

                                                      im sure there are a lot of possible scenarios in which "zoning" can be applied


                                                        Write a post about Treant Destroyer


                                                          for beginners?? every player in the 3k bracket that i play with should read this cuz they dont know a single thing of it.


                                                            Interesting how nobody on my teams understands win conditions. They have 4 late game hard carries while we have 1, team never pushes, lose 70 minute game.


                                                              Lol I remember when I started playing I didn't understand what "gank" meant and my main hero was (and still kinda is) bloodseeker. Ah, nothing better than remembering the "BLOOD CANCER NO GANK REPORT" and genuinely not understanding. I look at my past self and cry.


                                                                tbh i thought playmaking is the act of aiming for spectacular plays rather than trying to win the game, ex. being greedy on bh/rp/other huge stuff, getting early refresher on invoker, etc.
                                                                therefore, useful blog post, solid 5/7


                                                                  Effective HP — HP of a target, taking into account its armor, magic resistance and evasion (only damage block is often putted out, as it's really not conveninent to calculate with it)

                                                                  Johnny G. Plate Menkominf...

                                                                    Thank you i had a good read, however there's still a lot to add in
                                                                    I think we need a section for abbreviation as well. I remember that i was confused when someone said to me "well yeah of course you won, you got fed bot" while trying to understand what bot means. I thought it was bot for like bot as in AI in offline match.
                                                                    Here are some suggestions to add :
                                                                    Lane abbreviations, Aggro, Backdoor protection, True sight, UAM, Item abbreviations (such as deso,radi,tarras, etc.), Heroes and Skills abbreviations (SK, RP, BS), Gank, Purge, KS (Killsteal) , buyback, etc.
                                                                    Some of these have been explained in the wiki as well but it'll still be useful nonetheless, also i think it would be better to sort it alphabetically


                                                                      322? Throw? Feeders? Fucking pinoy monkeys?



                                                                        Throw: When your team wipes the enemy and chooses to farm rather than push.

                                                                        Feed: When you chooses to fight 1 on 4 because you have a kill streak.

                                                                        5-man: What the enemy team does and your team refuses to do.


                                                                          i still dont understand what kiting is


                                                                            nice article

                                                                            missionary man

                                                                              U should include uam does not stacks except skadi n lifesteal interaction. Please i cant bear to look at pa who buys deso n helm


                                                                                I was more looking for explanation of gg wp ez lp fu gtfo, lol etc

                                                                                Dead Courier?

                                                                                  what about ''cyka blyat''

                                                                                  Dead Courier?

                                                                                    @yaya its a strategy which the player goes mid. then feed and blame other players


                                                                                      Effective HP can also take into account magic resistance, and other damage reductors like Vanguard, Crimson, Pipe, and passives like Mana Shield and Dispersion.

                                                                                      Also zoning/space creating can also mean zoning out the back liners while the rest of your team can focus the frontliner down, or take objectives. Can be typically seen by high mobility heroes like Storm, Timber and TA in some cases. Also we see this zoning from Nyx with Aghs once they breach high ground.

                                                                                      Zoning is also more commonly done by cores actually. They assist the support in zoning with aggressive positioning in lane, and mid laners attempt to zone each other out a lot in the early stages.


                                                                                        You forgot the almighty "?"

                                                                                        Le Cpt.Knabberquébec

                                                                                          You should ad that effective HP also include magic resistance besides armor (eg for heroes like huskar, meepo or antimage with high magic resistance)

                                                                                          DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                                                            Currently the Enchanted Mango has but a 40.93% win rate. Please help. It is our duty as fellow gamers to give this magnificent item the glory it deserves.


                                                                                              Nice one! Keep it up! ^_^