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    Midas was just picked up a lot to try and keep up with Alch

    bag of chips

      andddd.... solar crest just got nerfed. ha...

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          Redardless the nerf, Solar is still a great option for 3-4 position to focus particular enemy in mid or late game.
          Active is strong and i like the way it's builded with Wind Lace and Medal. Lace helps slow-movement heroes and supports to endure or chase, while Medal helps to focus heavy or agility heroes in early fight.


            @ETdAWESOME thats why people need to realize its better to skip midas against alch to end the game early. You can't keep up with the hero thats best at what he does.


              ^Evidently, the pros saw reason to do it, and keep doing it. Midas into radiance on Lifestealer was so weird to me, since he is one of the more popular Alch counters. Thought the answer was to go TI4 deathball style

              Billy Badass

                Volvo, bring back iron talon..

                Dr Fart, PhD

                  Man, holy locket needs a buff. That item is only OK on just a couple heroes and you might as well just save the gold and buy a better item like Pipe or Greaves.

                  They either need to make it a component to build into a different item (like Heart of Tarrasque) or give it a good active ability. Right now the only heroes I ever see pick it up are Necro, Timber, and Dazzle.

                  Shiloh Dynasty

                    ^try building greaves + holy locket on huskar, absolutely unkillable.. (greaves for bonus armor when hitting the hp threshold and for purging spirit vessels)


                      @Billy Badass Nobody wants junglers back to Dota. There's other games if you don't want to play with other people.


                        Your TI9 predict sucks


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