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    Scrum master -- Sprint


      Can’t wait to go pro at 3.8K MMR oh boy

      Bing Chilling

        can we please for the love of god do something about the horrific state of Australian Dota, Immortal 2000 here but still 0 opportunities to go pro or semi-pro or heck even win a little prize money

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          So uhh... I'm assuming SEA can't join these NA/EU servers due to high ping?


            Okay, 2k player here. I really wanna improve my skill (not only in dota 2, but also in english xD'). Wait invite =3

            _Night | Core™_

              no luck for SEA Server


                relax guys im sure theyll come to SEA and other regions soon enough. This is just the beta they are just testing in NA and EU


                  Probably. But at that point my moneyless ass won't be able to register since it's paid content in the future.


                    I already have a Ferrari, so I don't need to make money.

                    I'm doing a humanity a service.

                    No need to thank me.

                    Just know I'm there :) .


                      how many games per day can i play?

                      tio elder

                        So... Archon two can´t play...

                        I just bought DOTABUDFF P`LUS to try and match up with people that really want to play serioulsy and do coutner pick, WARD and NOT play Rubik Mid or Invoker cruzader ;(
                        Help please!


                          Is there a Twitch stream or other way to find and watch these games?


                            And SA server and Discord? Spanish speaker


                              If you guys join the discord channel, you will be able to see the players on the right who stream their games for you to watch. i am one of them. So yes, there is a twitch stream for those games. None the less, there isnt any commentating on those games since its kind of an inhouse league i guess.

                              super max

                                im actually waiting with plus


                                  can i play on reach if i divine 4?


                                    Espero que les vaya bien, mi deseo es llegar a ser profesional :)


                                      XD im nervous im only 3.4K XD


                                        ill be the water boy of dota 2

                                        miRO Dota

                                          @MyNameHere , DUDE , How the hell u played 10k matches and still in Herald Rank , Despite that u're losing too much in it !!!?!!
                                          How People can play that much and still be that stupid to understand the game
                                          No offense , but that's just Ridiculous ......