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    Rabbit 🍌

      I was first you just couldn't see me then.

      I would have written this "always hunt" part with some indication that as a carry you farm first and then... You keep farming you just need to make sure to choose your farm pattern in a way that allows for quick pick-up, but in other situation you need to be the one who goes behind the ennemy front line in fights.

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        It looks like they just combined old patch 6.0 with replacement of Backstab with Tricks of the Trade (and also with some ability updates of course). It was not looking so "NEW" to me when i saw Rikis invisibilty as an ultimate.

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        They call me weak

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                in my oppion, riki is the best carry in this patch.


                  I feel like Riki would be grabbing the other end of Lina.


                    No, he's not, he's garbage, a hero completely countered by a 900 gold item. he will lose to a proper hard carry every time


                      I've been a riki player for years and years. He definitely got nerfed, but he is just...Riki. Even nerfed he can still be a nightmare. He's just too item dependent, if he gets stomped early game and cannot farm it's diffusal he would be a walking ward with no contribution. He's easily counterpicked aswell, but at the same time Riki counters almost every hero. Whenever I get my diffusal+nullifier it's just too lethal, you won't survive. Basher follows the normal build but most of the time nullifier secures the kill and manta is more a situational item for me. I like him more pos 2 than 1 because he gets too harassed during laning phase and it's easier 1v1.


                        It's true that Riki is pretty item dependent. In games where I have no items I'm pretty useless BUT a well placed and well timed Smoke Cloud is a huge team fight move especially if you're invisible. You don't need any items for that, but they nerfed it by removing the movement slow.

                        Also I agree that he's better as a pos 2 than a 1. You probably want your other core to scale late better than a Riki and you can run around the map making space while the other core farms and gets big because Riki isn't great at farming creeps.


                          He gets bullied hard in lane by roughly anything and has no damage output until he hits level 6.


                            I gotta try position 2 riki)

                            Tengrii Gang

                              Only cowards pick Riki. Don't @ me.


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                                Cheesy Wenis

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                                    I'm going to assume that Yongelee's comment means position 2 in terms of farm priority, and not in lane role... Because I swear to God if my next ranked match mid player goes Riki, I'm blaming you


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                                      НАГЛАЯ ТВАРЬ

                                        Рики имба


                                          Been playing riki even before the patch as a pos 2. Been dumstering EVERY OFFLANER on last hits before 7.23. But now he's stronger late game.


                                            I like invi heroes so bad, that I used to spam either Riki or Clinkz before update 6.86 turned Riki a rubbish. With latest patch, I can spam Riki every pubs even though Riki is always a hot (read: easy) target among opponents.