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    2 1 2 meta ? u mean 1 (1 afk pos 4) 1 2 xD


      FYI : TI10 battle pass CREEPS though XD #Spoilers

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        Ultimate Ph3n0m

          So this is the reasonwhy im losing since i played again


            want that creep skin, but it will be hidden behind absurd amount of paywall #smh

            HIT CREEPS AND WIN

              I don't think it's the case any longer as we saw in the games played at esl one los angeles. But it might take time for players in pubs to adapt. Playing an active 4 role while everyone is static in their lanes creates a lot of opportunities to abuse people's habits.


                Simply because denying is still important. If they removed all benefits from denying, there is a chance players might adopt a trilane approach. In pubs, trilane is used when all lanes are losing. To cut loss, at least one of the lanes need to be won.

                overwatch detective

                  that creep skin is a concept from three years ago.


                    luls doto