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    By nature I never flame anyone I just want everyone to try to win. I'm supportive of anything. My teammate may know more than me. I've been seeing a lot of success from Techies players as well lately.


      The reasoning behind a pos 4/5 clinkz or sniper is to make hg and late game sieging easier. It works when you're playing with Miracle or Arteezy but not with randoms in pubs.


        Since heroes like lycan are in meta , techies , who naturally delays the game just by being in it , has more success .

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          Recently i had a team with pos4 sniper, it felt like he didn't fit in our draft at all and used to be useless in all engagements. We got stomped.

          I believe pos4 sniper could work if the team would heavily draft around sniper and his weaknesses, but in my pubs cores rarely draft around support picks and even if they would, sniper would be an achor to be carried.


            Fighting against one couple days ago, either because of my pick as Storm Spirit or the Sniper is terrible, Sniper post 4 is just high risk mediocre reward.

            I also experimented with Troll, Lifestealer and Lycan support. The difference between them is that Sniper has no real "supporting feature" aside a 1.8 second stun + nuke and slow area.

            For most time, i saw several soft support is just 4th core as hard support tend to need less gold anyway. Unless you want to play 60+ minutes game,


              Что бы это работало, нужно просто перед покупкой аганима сначало взять некра, после их появления фарм ускоряется в несколько раз и импакт в драке тоже. Аганим появится примерно в тот же промежуток времени 22-25. Для быстрой покупки аганима советую стакать 2 кемпа при помощи 3 скила и фармить их шрапнелью заброшенной по середине от спавнов крипов. Порядок предметов: хэдреска, сапог, первые некра, нейтральный предмет на ману, аганим, (форс или лотус), хекс. Также вместо форса можно взять дагер, а вместо лотуса линку. И не апайте сапог в пт, пожалуйста.

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                Jesus, this post will fuck more yet my ranked games... Sniper support = report, no more...


                  Been doing this since the aghs got rewoked, with about 65% winrate.

                  Get early midas and you'll have all the farm you'll ever need, never take farm from your lane partner or the jungle. Lowered cooldown on midas more than makes up for any farming problems.

                  Jungle items are Philosopher's Stone, if not available, any cooldown reduction item, and if that's not available, Nether Shawl.

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                    its better for mid snip to buy agha after dragon lance. then make him sup


                      better than pos 5 pudge


                        We had one in our game yesterday and it worked out better than I expected. Early game the shrapnel was causing issues due to the damage and our sniper could also roam and cause chaos in the mid game with assisinate.

                        turned out to be a good pick


                          I think support sniper works with specific lineups who can balance his strengths and weaknesses. The main strengths I can see about support sniper are 1. Triple shrapnel early into the game 2. Aghs assassinate 3. 25% cdr talent at level 10. The first two have been theorycrafted to death but the third seemed underexplored. I think sniper could go for team oriented items like arcanes, force staff even veil. Is it possible that sniper could forego aghs rush and go for a deathball build with those items instead?


                            Why are you even trolling with click bait headlines like this???

                            I agree almost with what you are saying... I would reword it as "a lot of stuff can work"...

                            But the problem is supports should pick early because core picks are much more vital to the snowball trash meta we live in...

                            So the chances of you being able to do something fun and original on a static low skill hero like Sniper support are VERY VERY low...

                            I think even think a talented Windranger or Pango player as support is much, much, more viable in your average pubs than a pepega Sniper for support.

                            Shame on you for even posting this on a mainstream Dota website... it's 100% click bait garbage article, you even admit yourself you wouldn't recommend it under most conditions but your title is "Everything can work Sniper Edition"...

                            You're going to hell in the world of journalism, you just pulled some deep dark lying shit with this article title...

                            I agree with your basic idea that stuff can work, but this specific article is literally the bottom of journalism yikes dude

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                            Bottle sealed with printe...

                              Can you trolls please just check out the winrate data. Btw I don't think the "everything can work" title in any sense is a click bait.


                                Tried 5 games with it, 0% win rate. Behavior score went from 10k to 8k. Getting flamed from minute 1. Thanks a lot dotabuff, please do proper research before making me lose mmr

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                                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                    - Over 6000 games played
                                    - <50% win rate (honestly, play another game, even your dog is disappointed on you)
                                    - Legend bracket FOREVER <3
                                    - Using a quality service without paying a single cent
                                    - Decided to tilt when reading a random article

                                    - "Mom I got clickbaited sob sob" when this isn't even a clickbait.


                                      ono my rnakd gams


                                        Those who play support sniper, pls tell me how many camps you stacked!


                                          This "brand new series" look dumb af


                                            pls no


                                              just tried. Seems good in theory. But in fact it took a lot of time for sniper to be online. 17-28 mins agh seems so hard in this meta to do anything.

                                              Le Pasta Way

                                                If you need agh to be a decent supp, you're basically a lane creep with bigger bounty. NGL this gonna spread like covid in SEA this month


                                                  I think support sniper shouldn't rush agh. Getting some supportive item before agh would help, such as forcestaff, medallion, mek, works better for me. But I am an archon, you can ignore me XD

                                                  The Pregnant Man

                                                    As a sniper player and also he is one of my favorite heroes, I have won like 14 straight games with my sniper 4, im currently sitting on like 23-6 sniper support. Ancient tier btw

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                                                      Me and my friends have been memeing roaming sniper for ages.

                                                      СЛАДКИЙ ДЫМ И Я В ТУМАНЕ


                                                        Sups (Not RUS)

                                                          good way for this to work is mind games, enemy will go for countering mid sniper who will rule the game and then they notice that sniper is in offlane just hitting enemy safelaner, they will also pick good heroes against sniper so ally team can pick good heroes against their pick.

                                                          Seen couple of sniper pos 4 (always the random players) and always enemies countered sniper (in 3k bracket with friends). didn't see any other use for pos 4 sniper


                                                            Sniper pos 4 is really freakin' good if you can manage your mana usage properly and positioning yourself in the best & unreachable spot at every war to spam the shit out of shrapnels and assassinate


                                                     here streaming sniper pos 4 xD


                                                                this guide ruinned my pubs :)


                                                                  unlike clinz , sniper 4 is best role for sniper - better than mid lane sniper - aghanim is great punish for going out of position , deal dmg and slow , also stun , provide night vision - best role for sniper


                                                                    пиздатый хуй, охуенные яйца