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    Small amendment: lost two more games since writing the article))


      Oook :))



        Wei WuXian

          to izi mmr


            I played support dp one game before. I think it's really weak, all you can do in lane is right click. Spirit siphon is strong if enemy just stand there to trade with you but without slow or stun they can just run. She also needs items and levels which you can't get as a support. But thats just opinion of a scrub.


              Blink dagger on support DP felt fun too

              Hoodwink in my lane is gr...

                Nice Bjork Debut avatar^^. I gained 500 mmr doing this. This article really sums up my thoughts about support dp, particularly the idea that she has about the same damage output as mid with less kill priority.


                  Her skills are naturally support and mage based. Leveling silence in lane is very situational. Usually just level 3rd skill 1st then 2 points in 2nd skill to have the most impact in the lane regardless of position. She's bad at pos 1 and 2, cause she is of a high priority target. She is also quite bad at pos 5 due to her ability to flash farm, so a flex pos 3 and 4 pick is suitable. Due to the talent nerf, DP, not being dependent on her talent tree makes her shine in this patch. She is also very resistant against any trilane.


                    nice, I tryied it, works fine.


                      quite a good article actually.


                        Your TI9 predict sucks