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Some Butt Stuff

    Astral does not deal damage in an AoE anymore; hence, all the meme hammers.


      I think the high winrate is also due to nyx being banned in every single game. It's highly unlikely a Nyx to slip through the ban phase in high mmr. And even if it slips it's first phase pick that automatically means no od.


        The first body paragraph was blatantly wrong in a few places and I want to clarify some things:

        "In fact, it is among the strongest basic ability nukes with 360 AoE damage at level four" :: Astral Imprisonment is no longer AoE. Also, it now steals max mana from the enemy.
        "It uses a fixed amount of your mana pool and hits for a percentage of your current mana" :: Both the mana cost AND damage are based on your current mana.

        This also botches the conclusion in that it is actually easier to sustain your mana since you can always cast an arcane orb regardless of how much you have for a chance to recover half of your max pool.

        Also worth noting: The amount of mana you get from an aether lens alone is roughly the same as a Scythe of Vyse for less than half the cost. You can build that into an Octorine Core for even more mana. It also comes with the benefit of cast range on your astral, as well as CDR for your entire kit. In terms of raw damage, Octorine Core, Aghanim's Sceptor, and Bloodstone are the way to go in the late game. You can still opt for Shiva's/Scythe when you need their utility (more often than not you'll still want a Scythe).


          Thanks for pointing out mistakes, on it to fix them!

          Samitron💛 ~

            this hero can be a nightmare i swear


              Getting senile already. Astral is single target not aoe, orb uses current mana not fixed, astral have been doing damage for quite a long time. OD skills have changed to be based on mana pool instead of intelligence, so getting items with mana pool is more cost effective. Meteor hammer will be needed for farming and octarine is probably core.

              Jugram Haschwalth

                7.28c ain't gonna be kind to OD


                  Nononono, proper way to play OD is Midas-aether-aghs before you join 1 fight, then fall back and farm for shivas-bkb-sheepstick, AND THEN you win.

                  Veridis Quo

                    Stupid OP
                    Nerf this ms, thank you

                    Estas de coña no?

                      OD 53% winrate is not OP.
                      WK 55%, ALCHE 54%, UNDERLORD 55% . ( on all ranged)


                        Please dont spam the OP word in the forums, they will destroy the hero again, hes fun, diferent, and reworked. I think that the cause of the winrate is because players still need to figure out how to play against.


                          you can run him as a support. Boots first with his movespeed lets him chase everyone.

                          Only RETAR|) counterpicks

                            Please write something for Lifestealer, why his Lvl.20 talent so strong??


                              Lions quote XD

                              HoT Ho11oW PoiNT

                                Best shard in the game

                                Обмазывающий стиль

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