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    The problem is that she cant be banned which is very irritating and makes games a lot more luck based. Other than that, this is the best patch hands down.


      Still looking for an addition of a hard carry, who was the last one though?


        fix this shit..


          Rebound can be interrupted. I played her against invoker and drow. Invokers deathening blast and drow gust both stop it mid air


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                BROKEN AF

                Brünk Hüll

                  The toss seems the most broken to me. With the 1-2 punch you get from the reposition into [support chain stun] or the other way's horn toss at level 1. All other examples of enemy repositioning in the game are saddled with level 6, 20 min, situational effectiveness, or skillshot. It's because putting yourself in between the enemy and safety on your terms makes for a VERY reliable kill. It doesn't continue to be an overwhelmingly awesome skill I don't think, but during the laning phase it really can put you in control to hit some aggressive timings, making the ultimate feel even more overpowered.

                  If they mess just a little with the toss distance, remove the bkb talent, and reduce the distance you can jump, it might fall into a carry position. If you mess with the lifesteal and ultimate, probably will lean towards the offlane.

                  I Asked

                    Yes she is broken, but there’s no way she’s as broken as mk or earth spirit on launc


                      Marci is strong, but definitely not as OP as Monkey King. Few mana cost tweaking, cooldown increases and damage reduction should be fine. Her ultimate needs a mechanical change though. IMO, they could try punish if she didn't finish her Ultimate (duration cut, damage reduction on next attack, silence or else) which causes many heroes may have a good opportunity to disable completely. Dispose seems too OP for a level 1 reposition, might need a manacost and/or throw distance nerf. Rebound is a bit complicated for nerfing, but i guess a few tweak on mana scaling should be fine. Her sidekick really puts it all, a literal 6 second satanic + appliable to ally + 1.5s BKB seems put other supports into the trashcan.

                      For aghanim Shard, i propose (if in matter fact nerfed), several buff towards Unleash (removing her limitation as mentioned above) / grants status resistance / apllies strong dispel
                      For Aghanim's Scepter i think granting Rebound some sort of mechanical advantage will be very cool. Either no longer needs a target (similiar to HoN's Monkey King where he could summon a rock) or let her bounce towards another ally before landing, which naturally increases cast range and buffing more allies.

                      Overall the whistle anime girl is a strong new hero but interesting enough to attract some horny R34 ... I mean player to ... play her..?


                        Marci is powerful for sure. There is some tinkering with the numbers to be done. The stun needs to be lowered, that is just too powerful especially in the early game. You displace an opposing hero and stun him in the process. Then you get free hits on the stunned target that is almost certainly now out of position... There aren't many heroes that can walk out of that. But I don't see any large changes that are required. It is just that most of the new heroes now-a-days seem to be coming out with higher and higher mobility. And Marci is definitely following this trend. She may need to lose some movement speed too, 310 is quite a lot when chasing 280-290 speed support heroes. They basically have no chance, especially with the additional mobility on the hero. Almost any hero can feel powerful with a networth advantage.


                          One thing everyone in the commends is currently ignoring is her stat gain. @Metsis mentioned her movespeed; 310 is super high and lets her chase down supports. Her stat gain though is super good, it's given a mention at the start but her stat gain combined with her relatively low mana costs means that she can do her tricks over and over again. Maybe she needs a clarity in the very early game but that's it. Not only is her kit super good but she can just use it over and over, AND she has the movespeed to get to use it in the first place.
                          All heroes want Durability, Damage, Disable, Mana and Mobility.
                          Marci has all 5 of those.
                          Her large strength gain and being a strength hero means she has durability, and gets some damage from it. Her ult is obviously a heap of damage. She has lots of disable, obviously with Dispose. She doesn't have Mana issues like say, Underlord and 1.9 int gain is pretty fine. Then her mobility is off the charts. High base movespeed, and Rebound is loads of mobility.
                          I've seen games where a Marci just rushes phase and BKB because she doesn't need anything else; bkb lets her ignore disables early and go ham, plus it has damage for her because of its strength and raw damage. Her cooldowns are also fairly low for how crazy her abilities are
                          In short, Valve needs to nerf her stats, nerf her mana, either by increasing her mana costs or reducing her base int and int gain (or both).

                          Look at force staff, 23 cd. But Dispose has 16 at the worst and 10s at the best; similar to Magnus Skewer + horn toss except even better AND with a fixed mana cost of 90; Horn Toss has a cost of 110 at max and a cd of 10 at max too but horn toss has a THIRTY second CD; it can be used in a fight only once.
                          Rebound too has a short cooldown, allowing her to use it to initiate, and then escape at the end of a fight or use it as a chaser for both herself and an ally. Marci players don't even need to decide to use rebound to start a fight, or if they should save it for chase or something. Every single part of her kit is too good.
                          Sidekick and Unleash have already been covered.


                            ursa with 16 sec of furry swipes,low man lifesteal and bonus attack,mini swap with stun,blink+damage(still buggy).she doesn't need too much items.


                              People keep saying that Marci is broken, meanwhile none of them have figured out how to play against her. Marci is incredibly weak laner and has no flash farm and if punished in the lane, you'd be surprised how useless she can be.


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