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Nice Shoes. They both yours?

    1st! Well said!

    Basic Intro Kid

      Vlads used to have HP regen component. I dont know why they removed it. And Vlads only builds into one item. Why cant it be a part of Satanic?


        I've always thought that part of the issue with Mage Slayer is that to me it doesn't feel like a final item. It feels like a Crystalys or a Hood of Defiance - an effective mid-game item that you CAN finish a game with, but usually you want to be upgrading it by late-game. Mage Slayer is definitely a good item in the right circumstance, but unless you know that the game isn't going to go late, there's not much point in going for it, because late game you're probably going to want to replace it with a bigger item, particularly if you're a position 1 Ember, MK, or PL.

        I don't know what form such an upgrade could take, because you don't want to risk creating an unstoppable monster of a weapon. Thematically I think it could pair well with a Diffusal Blade, particularly given that this would fit really well into the buildup of most of the heroes that already use Mage Slayer, however i could see this buffing those heroes too much: unstoppable monster - fucking cancer. Diffusal is already a really strong item particularly on heroes like PL and Riki that also do well with Mage Slayer, and adding a stronger combined version could be a step too far.

        It's funny because Vlads I think has the opposite problem in some ways. It worked great as a mid-game/pos 3/aggressive support item and didn't really need a tier up, particularly one that pushes it more niche. I feel like it was more just an apology to Lycan players for removing Necronomicon.

        Uncle Runkle

          Recently played a game as pos 4 with a toxic Viper offlaner, no pun just facts - he did buy MS against safelane BB and worked wonders with consistency. But that is the only game since MS was introduced that I was like oh thats actually good. Mos def needs a rework. Also I think Windwalker is pretty much in a useless position aswell, way too expensive for a support and very little utility for a core over a euls. You might just buy it in a 50 min game if your eul is core and you want to keep it in your 6 slot and have nothing to spend gold on.


            How about Mage Slayer can be combined with Echo Sabre? Right now Aether Lens and Dragon Lance both have an upgrade in Octarine and Pike while Echo doesn't have one since the new Silver Edge (that being said I still prefer Orb of Corrosion to be its upgrade though)

            Brünk Hüll

              I'd be fine with a tankier meta. Not overkill though, it wasn't that long ago that vlads was THE item to win the game.


                I still as an offlaner build Pipe a lot. A part from a few physical burst heroes, usually the initial high burst of damage is magical. And if you can give 10% magic resistance and and 400 point magic damage reduction quite effectively takes the edge off of this initial burst. Leaving you a good chunk of hp still left to fight on and not trigger that flight reaction... Also Vlad's is good for the team if you can live through that initial burst magic damage. But on the other hand, I play shit tier dota, it is a whole different game when you know what you are doing, but in general in low tiers of the game, the only magic resistance item is BKB which doesn't do anything if you get jumped. Apart from the 200 hp the +10 str it gives. Magic resistance works if you stunned or not... I feel Crimson Guard could use a buff, I feel for the price it doesn't do much. Especially for an item that is exclusively a defensive item... The damage block is underwhelming, when you got heroes hitting you for 1k+ damage.

                Well, the 23rd of Feb is soon here... And I'm hoping we get a real bonafide post TI patch finally. And not just some balance tinkering.


                  For Crimson Guard, they could make the active be like reduce physical damage by 50% for 4 seconds or something... That blocking 70 damage doesn't amount to much when you get a crit from PA valued at 1,6k... The difference between Crimson Guard and Pipe of Insight is basically this, magic damage in the game ramps up for the first 20 minutes of the game, but then it levels off quite hard while the physical damage just keeps on ramping up all game long, until it eventually reaches the point where damage wins in the end. There isn't enough tanky items you can put into your item slots that will allow you to overcome the damage output in the late game.

                  If Crimson Guard even gave out this type of ridiculous reduction it wouldn't still be an overpowered item as the there is no limit to physical damage the heroes do. There is no mana to run out and reduce the numbers you hit for with your right click... Disarms and stuns do that, but only for a while delaying the inevitable, it is not like you are out of mana and suddenly don't do any damage.


                    And drums of endurance, charges be antiquated af. Buff


                      Oooh^ This one I 100% agree with.


                        Yea, Drums are one of the lost items in the game as well. Could use some reworking... The charges should be removed and just give it a cooldown. It is not like the item is somehow OP without.


                          remove recipe from pipe

                          new pipe = hood+mage slayer

                          drums is the deadest item now lol

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                          double suicide at death r...

                            yasha and kaya is a pretty obsolete item too

                            Basic Intro Kid

                              Crimson needs to have a defensive aura.