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      Give pudge cast range talent at lvl 10. May be that can help.


        the stupid passive change has to be reverted for something better or more fun. A leap like feature that can be used to reposition yourself would be great. Something similar to what "Tumbler's Toy" does but with longer range. It can even empty a slot for Pudge's blink dagger or at least delay it.


          Not gonna lie I bolster a good win rate with core pudge (mainly as 2) in the devine aus bracket.
          I think it's still somewhat playable as just a raid boss once he's got some gear

          Master Roshi

            because aus dota sucks


              Pudge with new skill is so much tankier - 20 damage block is huge - rot and creeps dont damage pudge , after hood and vanguard is pretty hard to kill a core pudge


                They could fix Pudge by bringing back his old hook speed from years and years ago.


                  How did you not mention lina? I think the passive change was a very huge nerf to her right click build while her spell caster playstyle didn't recieve almost any notable buffs, and also they made her shard from being a mini lion scepter to a shity "if u have charges heres 70 dmg item."

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                    Pudge flesh heap active has the same problem that BKB has... Sure, once you get it on, it is incredible, but if you get jumped, it doesn't do much...


                      Even if sven is shite in this patch it's still the correct pick in a rare few games. A stun's a stun and sven has a good one. Not many other cores can say the same and not one of them can fully replace sven, especially since warcry is quite unique and impactful.

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                        main issue about sven is that he is too kiteable. fix that and he will be viable.

                        Ea$y J@reck

                          What about the nerf for morph as she can’t go eblafe build anymore.


                            не правда бетик имба етого патча


                              чел ты клоун, бэтрайдер имба


                                Свена надо поднять!