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Bennu de niro

    first yes

    Bennu de niro

      i think his magic resistance made him a bit stronger


          Str hero meta is back


            Lately, I just get side lanes that lose and blame me for picking Huskar or Necrophos rather than a hero that rotates like QoP or Ember... Solo queue is a pain in the ass right now and it ruined my recalibration.


              In my bracket, he isn't the problem to deal with, but he is more popular for sure.


                Quit outing my boy... He wasn't all that great to begin with, but you shining a light on him will just get him further nerfed into the swamp. The meta has already taken a bad turn for Huskar. No need to kick a dead horse...

                And the magic resistance can save you when you are really low and you are hit with a low damage nuke... It isn't much good for anything else. If it was 25% all the way, the resistance would be very good, but it hits 25% at 10% health... It basically hasn't changed the need to get additional magic resistance, if there are burst nukers on the other team. Basically, this change did not change his item build one iota... Kind of needless. The Strength nerf and Agi nerf really hurts the laning phase, with one of the slowest missiles in the game, the last hitting isn't getting any easier on the dude either.

                I guess I'll have to find someone else to play for a while, while things cool down... It's a three minute CD, right?

                Yuki-Yuki no Mi!

                  Metsis, but his winrate is still very high despite of your arguments.


                    But I've been winning with it so well over the last year plus, that nothing needs to change and I would have been able to climb back up with him. Since I started the calibration games, things haven't been pretty, but I messed up the timing there royally, so other than that, I had been winning 60+% of my Huskar games basically from the start of 2021... So shush, nothing to see here... All is quiet on the Huskar front. You guys don't have to see what's going on... I have so many games on the dude that I don't have a good backup for him. I am just so clearly better with Huskar than with any other hero in the entire game...

                    Alas, I'll probably go into my last calibration game today with Huskar and lose again to a couple of smurfs and be done with it and all the progress I had done over the last 4-5 months in MMR will be wiped away... All due to playing mostly against smurf accounts and with safelane carries that play the blame game more than Dota during calibration. I don't even know why some of them are playing to be honest. They are salty from minute one and it doesn't get any better... And basically throw in the towel after they die once at 6 minutes since the enemy mid laner showed up with an ult.

                    The climb will be just so much more harder once my Huskar is ground up and packaged for the market...


                      I have played huskar 2.5k games. My winning rate of huskar is 59%. My opinion of him is weaker than before. He has been nerfed many times of his strength and agility even growth by the levels. And on this patch, lose his agility again that makes him the lowest armour and agility growth. I feel it him so slow and meltdown easy in the lane. His heyday is obvious long time ago with huge magic resistance blood. Now? easy to counter him with Viper, Necro, Axe, Bloodseeker and etc...

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                        got almost 1k matches with huskar, he ll never be imba again, several years ago he had enormous magic resistance growth and clickable heal (+armlet which worked better with all of this) - that means he had "a moment of surprise" and with good timing i won a big minority of matches

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                          Husk is not weak by any means, but he also isnt that overpowered. He probably needs at least 1 wraith band to solve his lack of agility, n add a couple of stats after getting maxing out one of the skills. He is a super boring hero that heavily depends on the draft, so you cant first pick him. So he is an annoyance during the drafting stage n the rest is history.


                            Huskar is out of control; I don't know why he gets buffed so much but whoever's doing it needs to be fired.