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      How frequently will each of these come?


        @zai depends on your technique and their endurance. For example, Omni will likely come quickly because he's a priest and Undying will never come because he's not alive.


          Shaman is definitely broken with arguably the best laning stage and an ult that basically makes you a core in terms of pushing, I don't understand why so few people seems to play this hero


            About Shadow Shaman, sure it is a nice support, but you are quite heavily relied on your team to actually getting kills. And the fact that you have an ulti that is wasted when you drop it in a team fight, unless you are fighting at an enemy tower... The ulti is best used to advance the game and push towers. Shadow Shaman is one of those supports like Treant and NP (if you can call him a support) that you have to keep track and can do some split pushing solo and do it well. Basically can easily create space for cores to farm up if the game isn't going all that well. Or when your cores are farming up and can still make things happen and keep the enemy team busy. Haven't played him in a while though. With all the mobility with the top hero pool right now, those Hex and Shackles do come in handy in stopping the heroes coming and going.


              so many people just afk hit tombstone 4 no reason sometimes lol


                "Omniknight exists in this weird limbo, where he is either absolutely broken or completely useless" total rubbish. this is never true when people say it. absolute and total rubbish.

                Lord Commander Leon Black

                  This M3M3 frog bloke is an idiot, seems to troll on every article.