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    nice job!

    Jeanne D'Arc

      Illusion heroes not that strong in late game? Bro, TB? PL not that strong in the late game?? Bruh he's one of the best scaling heroes late game.


        CK is the best carry aside from Tiny for this patch in my opinion.

        Gabriel Barsch☕

          where is tiny?


            Is the author 500 mmr? How is medusa and PL not late game heroes? Ridiculous.

            Slim Shady

              When you cannot hire actual players to write articles

              Unleash the hero pool

                The only meta ones are medusa, ck, tiny. The rest are either good against them or against other meta heroes(sk, necro). Ck meta? People start picking naga, dusa. Tiny meta? People start picking tb. More tb picked, more pl and ck. Ta and dusa meta? Arc warden is becoming more alive, am is picked more often.

                The most disgusting hero of the patch is medusa. In this burst heavy meta, she is the most suitable. Also builds an early skadi, which helps against primal beast, also a meta hero. She is also good against ck and tiny, hence the pick rate in immortal. Patch pls valve

                The Ancient One

                  Can you make a guide on how to play Pugna as position 5 please?

                  Slim Shady

                    ^ guy with a genshin profile picture calling anyone a loser, thats pretty ironic@medusaguy


                      Can you please get in touch with me I think all your lists are tragically very wrong, especially your 3 and 4 picks.
                      Dusa and CK good, Storm/Hus good mid.
                      PL stinks but and your pos 4 picks stink besides SS.