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    maybe viable

    Il Separatio

      I don't know how many soft supports/hard supports are on this website that have the Plus subscription but I think there should be a "Support" section on every Post-Match page to the right of the last section that is "Items".

      On this section you can show how many gold a hard support/soft support bought on support items like Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance and Smoke of Deceit for all the support players out there.

      It's 2,022, Dotabuff!!! Live to the expectations!! ;D


        Sounds interesting. The changes to ethereal blade pretty much knocked Morph out of the meta, but he's still really strong. His agh's just seems very situational, but I haven't built it enough times to actually know if it's any good or not. Stealing status resistance is pretty much useless if the opposing team's strength heroes aren't building status resistance. The agility steal is HUGE, I can see this being a big difference maker against a hero like Medusa or any agi hero that benefits from attack speed, but you give up stealing a cc ability or a mobility skill for stats which can be either good or bad in a team fight. And the int steal seems ok if a hero like zeus can be completely dominating team fights. Either way, good article, it's an extremely situational item but I'm interested and I'll probably try building agh's more often now!

        Charlie Adelson

          Society forced modernist poetry on me as a requirement to study computer engineering. Please suffer the below:


          War in Europe
          Spanking new pandemic
          Record inflation
          USA bonkers
          China rising

          Leave Medusa alone
          Leave Medusa alone


            I think CM needs a nerf


              Morph with shard and Octarine is super fun mid to late game! I lose with it constantly since I'm not good with the hero but in the hands of a good player it would be absurdly annoying to deal with.