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Il Separatio

    Can you make a complete guide (skill build & item progression) about Chen because he is in Pro Meta right now please?

    Il Separatio
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      Il Separatio

        Aditionally taking two paragraphs to talk about two underrated neutral creeps and/or who do you think are the best neutral creeps in this new 7.31 patch


        Во имя Христа

          My English is not very good, but I hope can to express my thoughts. You too notice, what Spectre everytime not in "meta"? I don't seeing that hero in all DPC cycle in EEU, despite I watch many games. Literally no one not pick or ban Spectre in any pro game, but! Major or TI has come and Spectre just winning game after game. Incredible dominating Ana performance in TI and final vs PSG, where hero be in first round pick or ban - classic example. I see stat of this major before reading that text, and I know, what you will say about Necr and ignore Spectre. My favourite carry hero always is in strange position in Pro game. Totally ignore - win the Major/TI games - totally ignore. Even when Spectre picked often in tournaments this scheme is looked "unkillable".


            Other notable outcomes:

            Viper: 24 picks, 85 bans (75% contest rate), 63% win

            Timbersaw: 20 picks, 80 bans (72% contest rate), 40% win
            Bloodseeker: 14 picks, 78 bans (63% contested), 43% win

            ♥♦ GED ♣♠

              The article has a problematic amount of repetitions of the word "problematic".


                @gyrocopter I can coach you with chen if you like. He is my main hero



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