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    and no mention to support sven?


      less than 20 unpicked heroes so far. good meta


        candidates to get nerfed after TI? 100% Marci and Beast. Also I think there is something wrong about Lone Druid building damage
        Pretty surprised omni got not a lot attention in TI meta


          I'd like to see some re-design on Alchemist's abilities and make him more fun to watch on Tournaments. Even when he is strong, he is extremely boring to watch. When he is weak, well...
          His ability to farm gold, buying AGHS looks cool on paper but then he is more like a support and lags behind the opponents carry player. And in a long game, there are free ways to get AGHS from Roshan anyway. So what is the deal here?

          Seriously, I have no idea where Alchemist really fits in this game. Maybe, giving him the ability to melt every item with passives could give him some identity and strength for late game. So you can free slots for every hero on your team but than again, he is more of a support. I Think he needs a change!

          Same goes for Lycan. He is full of passives and has no tricks. What if his Wolves had some identity trough active abilities or auras?

          Yellow Flash Queen's Gambit

            how does support sven work? i missed the game.


              great article. you misspelled batrider *