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Nemesis 041

    Ya just jinxed yourself again, 7.34b is now live.

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        Yeah, very unfortunate timing here) Most info still stands, though

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        gus gus

          Glad they nerfed SK - not even ask what the fuck even possessed them into making him like that earlier...

          🔥 Hale 🔥

            Damn, that WD buff to his ulti is insane.


              I'd pick brood here

              ✰ Lenny ✰

                You are waaay too slow with these articles :D


                  ^^ says the guy commenting 2 days after it was puplished


                    "It is impossible to trade against this hero in lane on any melee core and he is absolutely soul-crushing with any sustain or kill support in lane."

                    Even on Ursa?