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    7.35c is coming today to destroy all mentioned heroes and items here


      I certainly wouldn't object to it)

      Feed Ops

        @Norfus You're tripping. We're never getting a new patch ever again. This is it. Dota will forever be 7.35b and new hats.

        Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

          Feels like Mars just became popular because of Centaur.


            I’d pick brood here


              God just delete Mage Slayer. What a stupidly OP item

              b o m b

                Brah if dk gets nerfed never again going to be picked is just mage slayer vessel like ember.

                Cursed again

                  Doom deserved a mention.


                    Witch Doctor needs to be nerfed again or better yet just delete him.

                    A violent misogynist

                      gay, mega gay

                      Only carry

                        Finally they are investing in mars

                        ez enthusiast

                          Moar content

                          Do a bit on Oracle pls

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                            пацаны нужен игрок 3 или 4 позиции, играем со снюсом, возьмем шаурму, своих не бросаем.
                            Не искал причин пойти в компы, не был тряпкой.
                            писать в стим.

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