Professional Tier List

We have recently released a tier list for the public matchmaking and with several tournaments now being over it is possible to see the influence the patch had on the professional scene.

Unlike the Pub Tier List, the professional one will be based on the popularity of the heroes among the professional players, rather than on their Win Rate.

We will only use data since the release of 6.82c that has introduced a variety of sizable changes to the core gameplay, such as increasing the buyback cooldown and further balancing of the AoE XP and Gold gains.

Shall we begin?

Tier 1 (>80% Pick+Ban ratio)

Brewmaster Brewmaster

Getting a hero in the first stage is a lot more than just picking a hero. You are also revealing parts of the idea behind the draft, possible synergies and, potentially, lane. Largely due to this fact extremely versatile heroes tend to be the name of the game in the first picking stage.

When it comes to versatility, Brewmaster Brewmaster is definitely among the winners. Not only does he lane well against pretty much any hero due to his massive HP pool and innate evasion, but he can also take his deserved core role on any lane - offlane being a very sub-par choice though.

His ability to both deal considerable amounts of damage and provide crazy single target disables make him fitting for almost any lineup and all these facts combined are probably what makes him the most popular hero in Dota 2 in 6.82c - teams either don't want to deal with him or pick him for themselves. His current Pick+Bans/Games ratio is around 90%.

Skywrath Mage Skywrath Mage

Originally this hero was being picked as a really hard counter to Brewmaster Brewmaster - not only does he have an almost-instant silence, but the extra damage from Ancient Seal Ancient Seal allows for a quick burst-down of the priority target. And there is nothing more of a priority target than a low-HP Brewmaster Brewmaster about to use Primal Split Primal Split.

Gradually, however, the focus damage and disables made the hero popular in a lot of other scenarios. What really makes this hero stand out is that all of his spells have a really long cast range, keeping him relatively safe.

Comparing him to the likes of Lion Lion and Lina Lina, both of which possess a harder disable and a comparable burst damage, he wins not in the utility of his key spells, but in the probability of him being able to use them in the first place and survive long enough to see both XP and Gold gains. Extra movement speed is a definite plus in this aspect as well.

Death Prophet Death Prophet

There isn't a lot that has changed about the hero since TI4 - there were several nerfs to the Exorcism Exorcism cooldown and that is about it. While she cannot boast a ridiculous Win Rate she used to have, she still remains extremely popular.

There are several key reasons for that. First of all, she can deal massive damage and take structures faster than pretty much any hero in the game. She is also extremely hard to catch - her 20% MS increase and a core Eul's Scepter of Divinity Eul's Scepter of Divinity put her at ridiculous 460+ MS. And finally, she wins most 1v1 lanes with a spammable waveclear/harass.

Razor Razor

The hero, like many, has emerged as a counter to a previously popular hero - [missing hero: outworld-devourer] and has gradually gained popularity of his own. Previous buffs to his strength gain have made him borderline overpowered, with both extreme tankinness and considerable damage output and the consequent minor nerfs could not make him less viable.

He is also among the heroes that are more banned than picked, very much alike to both Death Prophet Death Prophet and Brewmaster Brewmaster and it is possibly the case, that it is not necessarily the strength of the hero that makes him so popular, but rather his previous glory. Given a 46% Win Rate it might as well be true.

In certain cases, however, some heroes are a must-ban purely because of the skill certain players possess in piloting them. For example, Razor Razor is the most banned hero against EG. And since EG were involved in a lot of matches and generally play more games than other teams, some of the data can be slightly inflated.

Tier 2 (>60% Pick+Ban ratio)

Ogre Magi Ogre Magi

Increases to health regeneration, armor values and the overall shift towards more late-game potent supports have made this hero one of the most popular picks in the current meta. While his impact on the game might be a bit "random", he still has a lot to offer even when the luck does not smile his way.

What the hero really excels at though, is lane presence - he is just too tanky to focus down or trade HP with and has a decent auto-attack as well as relatively strong level 1 spells. Being able to secure farm for position one hero in an easy lane on his own, without the help of a second support, Ogre definitely deserves a lot of attention.

Tidehunter Tidehunter

A huge AoE disable that deals damage and allows for amassing of a lot of assist gold - something that allowed Tidehunter Tidehunter to surge back into the meta, after a rather long period of unpopularity. On top of that he is an excellent offlaner with the ability to farm ancients.

And you can never deny the psychological aspect of the game - being aware that at any moment a giant watermelon can blink into your well-planned fight and completely disrupt it makes the game a lot more stressful.

Faceless Void Faceless Void

Single target carries are not that popular in the current metagame due to a very thin margin for error when it comes to being able to focus down the main target. Luckily Faceless Void Faceless Void has found his core position not in the first role, but in the offlane, creating space for a better suited and more farm dependent carry, while still providing his team with arguably the strongest disable in the whole game.

Innate survivability as well as relatively low dependence on gold makes him a great third position hero that can work as a Plan B, in case things go wrong. This and the ability to set up the ground for a variety of supports (e.g. Jakiro Jakiro, Witch Doctor Witch Doctor) to make them more effective is probably what gets the hero banned in most of the games.

Viper Viper

A lot of heroes mentioned previously are excellent in 1v1 situations. Viper Viper belongs to the same category, arguably being the hardest matchup for most other heroes. Not only that, but his ultimate - Viper Strike Viper Strike renders any melee carry pretty much useless, penetrating all forms of magic immunity. Finally, his damage output in the earlier stages of the game is almost unparalleled, which allows him to build utility/tankinness items that provide benefits for the whole team.

This hero is a necessary ban in many situations, where you want to have a strong midlane core hero - his ability to outfarm and outdeny most heroes in the laning stage can completely disrupt plans for dual or tri-core lineups. The hero is also relatively easy to pilot and he does not require excessive training many professional players undergo on certain heroes prior to actually playing them in tournaments - pretty much any pro can handle Viper Viper with ease.

Batrider Batrider

This hero for professionals is what Pudge Pudge is for trench tier players - single target lockdown with the ability to get the enemy out of position. He is also very versatile in the laning stage - while mid Batrider Batrider is unheard of lately, largely due to the nerfs to auto-attack damage, he can still handle jungle and offlane with ease in most situations and can get his core items relatively early, if not prioritized by the enemy.

There isn't really a lot to say about the hero - we have seen him being the first pick/ban material in a lot of games in the previous season and while he did get nerfed both directly and indirectly, the overall hero concept is borderline overpowered.

Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner

Great offlaner with high survivability, high burst damage output and, most importantly, the ability to allow his team to disengage and engage with the enemy at will.

While the fights in Dota 2 might seem chaotic and the movements random, a keen eye will always see a great deal of different patterns in the way teams move depending on their lineup, vision and a lot of other factors. And when a fight does not start on your terms, being able to disengage and re-engage is something a lot of newer players tend to underestimate.

There is a reason mobility is considered a very strong factor - it is something that scales really well into late-game. A late-game oriented hero that has a great attack value, but has no way of approaching the enemy to actually hit them is rarely useful (looking at you Sven Sven). And Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner can solve both offensive and defensive problems on a global scale.

Tier 3 (<50%)

There are noticeable "jumps" between Tier 1 and Tier 2 heroes - almost 10% difference between the absolute favorites and strong priority picks. The Jump between the second and third tier heroes is even larger - 12%. In fact, given the very situational nature of every draft in the professional Dota games, it is really hard to identify these heroes into a tier.

Of course, there are heroes that are picked more often - they are just useful in more situations or are extremely versatile in either builds, laning or even roles (e.g. Naga Siren Naga Siren, Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit, Jakiro Jakiro). However, past the 50% mark the decrease in Pick+Ban ratio is almost linear with no definitive "jumps", not allowing for a separation into groups.

There are some notable heroes in this group that are worth mentioning. Necrophos Necrophos, Medusa Medusa, Mirana Mirana, Io Io and Puck Puck all have a decent amount of picks and bans (~40%), but what really makes them stand out is their incredibly high Win Rate for professional games, ranging from 61% to 58%.


Every patch signifies rises and falls of certain heroes. Previously popular Tinker Tinker has only been picked or banned 7 times since the release of 6.82c, while heroes like Jakiro Jakiro have entered the professional scene for the first time in ages.

Can we rely on professional players knowing better and should we copy their picks in our own drafts? Not necessarily - the meta is ever-shifting, but it does so gradually. We have no way of knowing what is going through Puppey's head in his free time and what heroes he thinks can be used in a surprising way to a great effect.

Some heroes that are rarely picked now can be all the rage after a series of successful performances by a certain player (e.g. BigDaddy and Ogre Magi Ogre Magi).

Some heroes might fall out of meta if a versatile hard-counter is discovered (e.g. [missing hero: outworld-devourer] with an introduction of Razor Razor).

The heroes in first and second Tiers are not the Best heroes in the game - they are what professionals feel comfortable with at this given point in time.

While there are certain benefits of drafting "like professionals" - there are countless VODs that can show you how to pilot the heroes effectively and show you neat synergies, I, personally, strongly believe that there is always room for innovation and creativity in Dota 2.

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18 коментара

    I think ogre has become one of the best supports, I love that he's so tanky.


      Cool read. I agree with much of this. Well done!


        Well for right now, death prophet isn't an instant picked hero anymore. She is less picked in DC captain draft. So she is going to be in low tier soon at the end of November.

        Овај коментар је измењен

          I wish Night Stalker was played more in pro games...

          The Butcher

            C'mon Necro, climb up the pro ranks and show those buyback bastards who is the boss!!!


              @The Mercenary playing CD is different due to extra "random" factor, but I do understand, in CM I don't think she is 1st ban/pick material anymore

              Овај коментар је измењен
              Don't Ban SF

                I wanna see night stalker on the top of da list QwQ


                  Undying would be pretty cool to see more of.

                  Lester, Moe

                    putting void in offlane is a no go for pubs

                      Овај коментар је избрисан.

                        Void is best as offlaner now, he can initiate with easy follow up but shouldnt be played as core anymore. I know SNA still likes to run void in the 3 lane safe but I feel like he's the best with aghs + refresher so your team can comfortably engage.


                          We love ogre magi, funny hero to play with reliable stun and slow
                          also his dialog is funny xD

                          TECHIES PICKERS ARE INBRED

                            Fuck Ogre, fuck slark and fuck pros who pick them. Slark is the most retarded hero ever, his skill set just encourages braindead russians to dive you under your tower with little to no consequence


                              Poorly made list, not even mention of Lycan.


                                ^Lycan has fallen out of the meta due to the map changes (always a first ban phase vs Dire or first pick phase on Dire), the only people who really pick it anymore are LGD for Sylar and EG for Arteezy but it is a bit ignorant to say the list is poorly made, based on Dotabuff's own Esports section, it is easily garnered that the above heroes mentioned have all been the most-picked ones in the current meta. Nonetheless, I would disagree with Viper as to my knowledge, only Teamerino Tinkerino pick them much. And yeah, DP is really starting to fall out and Necro is coming in strong especially after Dendi's double scythe on Fear and Arteezy in DC XMG Captain's Draft winning them the game.


                                  Leoric on the big picture :3

                                  Dwayne Vrock Johnson

                                    Lycan didn't just fall off due to map changes (tho that is a factor), the nerf to using his ult to escape hurt him too what with the cast time.

                                    Honestly one of the things some of the top heroes share right now is they force the enemy to try to sink everything (or "a lot") into killing you fast, whilst the hero has methods of surviving said aggression. Brew needs to be brought down before he ults, and yet is a highly tanky STR hero with evasion who can feel free to build survivability items after blink. Death prophet is similar with Euls and silence to protect herself, all she has to do is launch ghosts and then -not die- and generally she'll win the fight. Razor...slightly less so then death prophet, and he cares about positioning more, but he's still somewhat similar with his ult and his ability to automatically punish targeted spells used in focusing him down. Even viper brings tremendous value in applying Corrosive Skin to anyone who casually tosses out an AoE - he's not as game-carrying as some of the others, but his mere presence makes blink daggers a bit more awkward, and nether toxin with his DoTs is more than capable of cleaning up stragglers if he's left unmolested in a fight.

                                    I kind of want to see the meta shift away from this type of "get rewarded for existing" hero. It's a very low-risk high-reward scenario; IE "Oh the enemy team failed to focus down the death prophet standing in the back who has other team mates protecting her in addition to being a difficult target anyway? Well, you lost the fight, your T3, and your rax, sorry." Additionally, it gives a very strong tool to force your opponents into behaving in a limited and predictable way.

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                                    girlcum sommelier

                                      If you ask me, Night Stalker is somewhat underrated this patch. Sure, the changes to night/day cycles make midlaning him awkward but he is still pretty strong. Instead of going for a semi-carry, I prefer a more aura/utility oriented build and that seems to have more consistent results. A quick armlet for some damage alongside his attack speed, but aside from that I get a mix of utility and aura items like Vlads, AC, Aghanim's, Urn, the occasional Hex... I really hope pros rediscover the hero because I love him to death. He's just so fun to play.