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    Very interesting analysis. Was hoping for a mini patch analysis too.

    blue clark

      Is playing WW in the offlane viable?


        Whether playing certain hero in a certain lane is viable is always a hard question to answer. Theoretically - yes, you can play her in the offlane. However, this will mean you are sacrificing a position for a potentially better scaling hero, or a hero, which can secure more farm/xp in the offlane. If played safely and staying near the trees you can get away with most ganks, since you only destroy trees on landing, not while flying over them. But the hero is extremely strong come level 6 and does not scale particularly well past level 11 or 14, when she gets most of her burst/utility. A support is a more suited position, in my opinion.

        Eggs has said that he encountered Winter Wyvern mid once, and it was really hard to lane against as Storm Spirit, since she could easily outharass him in lane with a combo, leaving roughly half HP. Then again, I really don't see items which would be desperately needed by the hero except for forcestaff. You can always go Hex/Euls/Shivas or even refresher on her, but with the same amount of Xp/Gold a lot of heroes are going to have a much higher impact, compared to an overfarmed and overleveled Wyvern.

        blue clark

          Awesome, informative answer, thanks!


            What do you think about boot choice on WW?
            My friends and I, after few games with the hero in our draft, decided what we thought was definitively that mana boots were the way to go, because the tranq regen doesn't really help a hero with a good low cooldown heal like WW does.
            However, I was watching Purge play the hero, and he said he thought tranqs were the only way to go on WW, because Wyvern really needs both armour and movement speed that tranqs provide for cheap.

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              This hero is a core. It is a situational core, but a core non-the-less.
              It is almost a complete counter to illusion heros, it has roughly the same attack range as sniper when using his first spell and can jungle freely with only a soul ring (or a bottle if done correctly).
              He can push out lanes with ease and rushing mjollnir almost nullifies the need for creeps since they fall like flies.
              He is also so incredibly good at defending base.
              He has an escape with his Q ability and is countered by so few characters that I believe he should be a core.
              Either mid, Safelane or Mid.
              The only downside to this hero is his need for levels which can be countered with a quick midas or just by laning solo.
              If your team flames you for playing WW core, they are stupid.
              I recommend Scythe, Mjollnir, Skadi, BoT, MKB and anything from a Refresher to a Daedalus, being farely versatile. (LATEGAME BUILD OFCOURSE)
              Thanks for your time.

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                  This hero is a support(Best played in position no.4) though, he can mid with ease because of his nuke.Btw that attack range only works for a few seconds, even if you build DPS items like Mjollnir, Skadi, BoT, MKB and Daedalus, you never going to outcarry hard carry like PA, FV, Troll ,etc. Your late build should consist of something like Refresher or utility items instead. He is one of the anti carry just like SD with his Cold Embrace and Winter Curse. He works wonder if lined up against most physical damage dealer, but wont do very well against nukers.

                  His worst counter : Slark,OD,Huskar(Right Clicker),Silencer and other burst nukers. and worst of the worst is Medusa

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                    @0cat Great joke. <1k matches played at 51% winrate makes you think you can decide what's canon on heroes?


                      wut? WW a core? Maybe in low level pubs but there you can turn techies into a viable late game rightclicking hardcarry XD

                      Nice analysis, not much to add to it really.

                      Bamboozled Corgo

                        The heroe excells against right-clickers, there is no doubt about this.

                        I've used her against a LC and she wasn't able to get any extra damage in the whole game due to the use of E.


                          Wyvern is never going to be a hard core right clicker. The way he nuliffies LC is why Wyvern is one of anti carries hero.

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                            Hey man, nice overview. I wanna point out that lately omniknight winrate dropped significanly and his pick rate also raised significantly after new bloom. Can you point out the biggest changes to heroes winrates and picks due to new bloom?


                              We believe that a lot of Win Rate/Pick Rate statistics is messed up due to Valve's API recording Year Beast games as Normal unranked. Therefore, any assumptions about the state of the game right now are going to be terribly inaccurate. I might do a blog post about New Bloom a week after the event ends.


                                I cringe whenever I hear people refer to WW as "he". Granted, I first encountered Dota around July of last year, so maybe older players keep doing that out of force of habit.




                                    If you buy Soul Ring, even as a support, her W becomes easily spammable.


                                      yeah i agree on the ult, but i think primal roar is still better and yet no one seems to notice the poor beastmaster

                                      El Zorro

                                        The hero is indeed OP, in fact when I started playing her I won 6 games in a row, slowly getting better at her to the point I can almost always land splinter blast to hit the enemy (even in jungle you can take advantage of neutral creeps). though calling her for easy mmr is not correct, she shines in late game so a pushing strat is good against her, and you should never underestimate the idiocy of your teammates if you are in a low mmr, they can still be farming when the enemy is taking your tier 3.

                                        Piku @ JGF16

                                          While the hero has no hard disables and ganiking an enemy mid-laner

                                          just noticed a typo


                                            I think this hero is possibly the best protective lane-support out there. As mentioned her ganking strength is limited also the ability to jungle. But she's top tier at keeping her lane teammate alive and zone out the opposing heroes. Therefore if u put her with a carry that has a very slow start and has little kill potentials on lane, WW would be perfect. Me and my friend played a spec WW lane and she was able to secure a 18 min radianc for spec vs a lion veno jug aggressive trilane. And the best thing about WW is while she does this she still get lvls and offers huge impact in late gam clash. I haven't tried but I think a WW naga combo can work as well.


                                              You mean WW and magnus combo?

                                              Christian Brutal Sniper

                                                Stop that BS about oracle already, this is getting old.


                                                  WW, my best hero so far :D

                                                  dón kíj-

                                                    I think right now its the best hero ingame



                                                      Fleece Johnson, Booty War...

                                                        There's nothing like playing SF against Wyvern. She freezes an ally to save them, then bam, you blink on top the the helpless frozen bastard and ult him for 3k damage.

                                                        El Zorro

                                                          Also Winter wyvern lacks damage output in late game, so even if you land an awesome ultimate and catch them all if there is no other source of AoE damage or a farmed carry behind you you only could kill one of your enemies.


                                                            Eh, I don't think WW is OP. Ulti is actually more situational than you think. Heroes like enigma can synergies their ultis with other initiators like tide. Any disables render the ulti useless. You could argue that a tide or someone could use their ulti after the duration ends, but Winter's Curse doesn't have a large radius and imo it isn't a reliable disable for the whole enemy team. Sure, in certain lineups having such an ulti would crush, but that's my point, it's very situational. Many heroes could do her more harm then good in a teamfight.