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    Love these articles!

    I will be the best

      Good article. I hope it will draw some people to pick support alittle bit more often.

      3.8k Ryozan

        Very nice article, I liked the Chen part. :D


          Well written and informative article. I'm curious to read Part 2 now!

          Rice Gum

            WP Love it

            Akishino Himeka

              Would like to see core heroes that can be use to support

              Avoid the Noid

                Love it! I usually play support and will continue doing so! I been thinking about play a lot more chen lately, but you do have a good point. You will need a lane support otherwise chen is no good otherwise!

                S H I S H U K A

                  Looking forward on Skywrath's.. "The Offlane Punisher" LOL

                  Conqueror Ryan Gosling

                    Look forward to Rubick.
                    That son of Aghs

                    /\/ /\ T

                      About time wisp got some praise... He still needs his stun back though, or something

                      Lockon Stratos

                        I've always felt Lion didn't get a lot of respect in the competitive scene. I thought he would translate well because he has arguably one of the best, if not the best, set of disables in the game. Glad seeing he is a popular pick among the pros now.

                        ESL | Snith

                          Regarding Chen and "... possibly, a Thunderlizard with an AS buff.", the Thunderlizard does not offer any auras as the Frenzy is a self-cast buff for 75% Bonus Attack Speed. The argument is still valid though, as the Ancient Granite Golem is the only viable neutral ancient, but the reason behind the purchase of the Aghanim's is mostly the heal.


                          Edit: Upon closer read, I guess I could've been mistaken whether the author thought it was applied to allies as well, but the Frenzy is still not enough to motivate the pickup of an Ancient Thunderhide as its base damage is rather underwhelming.

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                          Spacely sprockets

                            Good read.. :)


                              Nice article, good job keep it (y), i dont miss a single one. Waiting for my favorite hero Rubick!


                                I completely disagree on the Vengeful Spirit reasoning. Nether Swap is not only valued so highly because it can break strong ultimates but rather because of its flexibility. The fact that a carry can always be saved (to a quite far and safe spot) plus the potential to initiate fights or get high value pick-offs is simply unparalleled. Adding that she is a good lane support, ganker and rosh assist, it follows that Vengeful Spirit is just as good in public games as in pro games.

                                Adra (Hiatus)

                                  "For this article, I will assume that the reader is capable of at least very basic micro techniques and can use abilities on converted neutral creeps."

                                  Nah....I don't think it's an exaggeration to say 99% players can't micro. The number of people who play Elder Titan without ever moving the spirit is too high.

                                  Really good article! Appreciate the analysis


                                    oracle, the op beast


                                      Chen da mvp support ^^


                                        treant is better than all of those

                                        universal cast range of living armor , which provides 10 hp at lvl 4 and tons of block damage.

                                        also its invis , which can be used to gain vision of the opposite team and to gank.

                                        his ulti works through magic inmune , and has a huge aoe

                                        leech seeds slows 28% at lvl 1 , does a deccent dps and heals allies in an area.

                                        Its the best support for me , imo . He dont even needs levels or farm at all . Just with a dagger , a good ulti and your game impact will be huge.

                                        Ketan - S.Ikom

                                          IMO the only make support not versatile is how fragile they are. especially on pub that too many hard hitter carry

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                                            I'm overall surprised you haven't mentioned Batrider or even Clockwerk. Two often picked and banned and viable supports with stuns that go through bkb.

                                            Honest to god, I believe partly the reason that Vengeful spirit manages to outlive most other picks is not her skillset or even the fact her ult goes through bkb; Her stats are just too good to pass on. She scales with 2.6 STR, great armor growth and her attack speed is even close to what yurnero was 3 patches ago. Not only that but her aura is getting buffed every patch and her sight is monstruous when using her Wave of Terror

                                            It's really more of a combination of all things rather than just her ult goes through bkb.

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                                              actually all 3 supports mentioned above are jack-of-all-trades supports. lion's laning and roaming abilities were mentioned, but his lvl6 impact is also huge. Even in pro scenes when lion jst hit 6 as long as he wasnt very underlvled, the opposing team sometimes willing to give out towers jst to avoid fights. cuz if he doesnt die first he will definitly "farm" a hero with his finger and the poor target is most possibility the most important core. And as for chen, tho the post focused on explaining his pushing ability. A chen with proper creep can help mid zone out the other hero, can deny runes. And the fear of a chen+2 centaur smoke gank can ruin any hero's farm jst with the pressure...not to mention a good chen will definitly attempt it, and not jst once.

                                              renato funchal

                                                Looking forward to your thoughts on Crystal Maiden :)


                                                  batrider and clock are not supports

                                                  note about VS: afaik, the main reason of her popularity is her interaction with other meta heroes. Swap is extremely good against troll, jugg, axe, sniper and sf (intuition behind this statement is obvious enough to skip explanation). Probably she'll keep being popular when the times of trolljugg meta end, but the curve with certainly shift downwards.

                                                  rice cake

                                                    <3 Chen


                                                      These articles are quite well-made and interesting
                                                      keep it up


                                                        Isnt Enigma suits most of Chen's strong point? (Which is also the reason why puppey always chooses enigma whenever chen is banned)
                                                        The only reason why enigma loses a lot in pubs is because of the blink rushers who doesn't know how important early mek is


                                                          анасин сигейм ебио мать


                                                            Amazing article, will i see something like that?


                                                              Ever since I started playing doto, I've always played support. I was never good at being a carry because I was aware of my weaknesses to be such. Moreover, it gives me great pleasure every time I get to kill as a support. It's more rewarding for me to see someone's nuts getting crackled by a support.

                                                              ~ support as a way of life~